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Travel Counsellors Love their job

We all spend way too much time at work to not enjoy what we do.

They say that when travel is in your blood it is there to stay. But what can happen within an industry that you love, is that the 'little foxes' take the shine out of the very thing that you love most. These things can include long commutes, long working hours, working weekends and public holidays, stress, pressure, demands from customers and bosses, directional selling, fear of ADMs, admin and doing the things that take you away from what you love most... the list can go on forever...

25 years ago, Travel Counsellors changed the future of travel forever. Travel Counsellors predicated that technology would make the travel industry impersonal. And that travellers would find it more difficult to find travel professionals who cared about them. Whilst everyone went about building fancy ecommerce websites, attractive shops and enormous call centers, Travel Counsellor set about building something very different... And built a travel company for a different future, a better future one based on relationships, recruiting only the very best travel professionals and creating a safe environment for each Travel Counsellor to reach their potential

It’s no wonder that when we surveyed our Travel Counsellor Franchisees...

*96% said that "I love my job."

And 97% said that "I would not go back to my old job"*

Look at what some of our franchisees has to say...

George Vermeulen said " I love being a Travel Counsellor. I have more time for myself and I can coach Rugby and spend more time with my family."

Angela Symons said: I love being a TC for the freedom and flexibility that I now have. I love not working for a boss!! I love the systems we have and the head office support and marketing."

Chantel Smuts said: "I chose Travel Counsellors because of their amazing systems. I love too that as a business partner with me they will never compete against me."

Andrea van Heerden said: "I love being a TC because of the fun innovative environment that they provide. Plus, they are ahead of the pack."

Benefits that our Travel Counsellors love and that put the fun back into travel include a healthy work-life balance, no more commutes, increased earnings, rewards and recognition, freedom, flexibility. They can take leave when they want to, they can be their own boss and make their own decisions. With no more targets and no more directional selling, Travel Counsellors can build close and trusted relationships with colleagues and customers. Then there is the TCs coffee mornings, supplier training times, local and international conferences, Tc on tour monthly training, educationals, plus local and international sales incentives. All these and more... put the shine & fun back into travel again.

Would you like to put the fun back into travel? Would you like to say goodbye to working for a boss and say hello to working for yourself? Travel Counsellors offers the very best support and minimizes the risk. Chat to us today so that we can show you how we can help you to start your very own successful travel business.

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