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We protect our Travel Counsellors and their Customers

It's not lip service. Our customers and TCs are at the very heart of everything that we do. Support is the number one offering that we provide to our franchisees. Travel Counsellors provide an umbrella of protection to our franchisees. Whilst under the umbrella we minimise the risk and our TCs and clients are protected.

Late Friday evening 21 June broke the news of a well-known supplier going under. This is devasting for customers who have paid in full who will be learning that they need to pay again. Or worse that what they booked is now full and starting the booking process again. Others might not have money to pay again which means a shattered dream.

Many agencies and Independents have been affected. Can you imagine having to pick up the phone and tell your customer what has transpired?

The good news for Travel Counsellors is that this supplier was not on our approved list. We have a financial protection plan in place, that protects TC customers against supplier failure.

A TC had this to say: “I'm so grateful that I partnered with Travel Counsellors. They minimise our risk. There are times when I get annoyed with HQ for not allowing me to use an operator who is not on the approved list. But after reading all the affected agents’ comments; it has been a reality check for me. I realise that TC head office has my best interests at heart and that they care for both me and my clients. I realise the value even more than ever that I partnered with the very best company. I love my TC head office family. My heart breaks for the agents especially the especially the other ITC's who are affected.”

When considering which ITC company to partner with. Consider who will give you the best support? Who will minimise your risk? At the end of the day the best partner will be the one who will give you the very best start & who will support you to establish and grow a successful travel business.

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