Travel Counsellors South Africa turns 13

April is our birthday month and we turned 13! And it is hard to believe that the business is already a teenager. Yet we are not new to homeworking as Travel Counsellors was first established in the UK in 1994. So, we have a wealth of more than 25 years of experience.

So much has changed in 2007. We started before the iPhone came into being (hard to imagine I know), so there were no emails going to anyone’s phone.

I have a fond memory that one of our Travel Counsellors Chris. He said that when he first started working from home he would often feel 'guilty' if he popped out to the shops and would wonder if that email had come through. He had been so conditioned to life in the traditional sense of the corporate world." Whilst at the shops he would wonder if an email had come through.

Shortly after this time, Apple revolutionised the way we could work. Emails on your phone became the norm. For Chris this meant that he could go to the shops. Plus, he could have a coffee with friends, all the while checking his email on the go. Plus, having Travelport on his phone, made it simple for Chris to make bookings whilst on the go. Chris is a Gold Travel Counsellor and enjoys an incredible work-life balance. He delivers exceptional service to his customers.

Travel Counsellors is a global travel business with customer care in our DNA. We have empowered brilliant people with a passion for travel to run their own travel businesses, taking care of the travel arrangements of more than 450,000 customers each year.

What’s more, 97% of our franchise holders say they love being part of Travel Counsellors, and 96% of our customers say they would recommend us.

Putting people at the heart of everything we do, we provide entrepreneurs with the tools, technology and support to build flourishing travel businesses as part of a company that truly cares. So, whether you’re a travel agency owner with staff, a corporate travel expert or a leisure retail travel professional; whether you’re from a tour operator background or are looking to relaunch after a break in your travel career. Our proven model is flexible enough to allow you to realise your ambition and start running your own successful travel business.

We’ve proven that whatever your experience, with your commitment and motivation and our continual support and investment in all aspects of your business, with Travel Counsellors, it’s truly a winning partnership.

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