Travel is grounded - now what??

We are living in unprecedented times! It is still hard to believe that the travel industry is grounded. And that we are all currently living under a roof only in 5 weeks of lockdown.

For the travel industry life was manic as they worked around the clock to bring their customers home. They spent hours changing travel dates and speaking to customers. Then putting in for refunds. And then the pause button plays as we wait for our industry to reopen.

It is important for us to consider our lives and to take stock of what is most important. ** What can we learn from Covid-19?

  • What do we miss most whilst in lockdown?
  • What do we want to continue doing in our lives?
  • What can we learn?
  • What do we want to change in our lives?

Whilst we take stock of our lives, it is also the perfect time to do the things that we always say, "I don’t have the time."

Client Base Review your client base. Make sure that all your client info is correct and stored safely in a CRM. Correct Invalid emails. Merger duplicates. Add important dates into your CRM. We provide Travel Counsellors with a CRM system. This safely stores customer information is compliant with the POPI act.

Soft Touch Marketing Use the time to reach out to your customers. Use the marketing tools provided so that you can inspire your customers to keep the travel dream now and to travel later.

Supplier Training Use the time to brush up on supplier training. Learn about products that you don't sell like cruising or a new upcoming destination. We provide our Travel Counsellors with an online training platform that is filled with loads of training modules. It ranges from destination training and includes supplier training. There is a whole section dedicated to IT training. This covers email, understanding google analytics and so much more. There is marketing section covering; how to use Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn to market your business. Plus, how to create PowerPoint presentations and so much more... These modules can be accessed 24/7 and are free to Travel Counsellors.

Connect with TC colleagues & Head Office Travel Counsellors can tune into a daily TCTV (Travel Counsellors Television) broadcast. On the show they can hear from the support teams about the latest company updates. They can hear from suppliers. We run competitions (everyone loves to win something, right? And hear from fellow Travel Counsellors themselves.

Coffee and a chat Make your favourite coffee and call a TC buddy, a head office member, a customer and just have a chat.

Pay it forward Consider what you can do today to make someone's day brighter where that is a phone call, a WhatsApp message, doing some shopping or baking some treats for a neighbour…

It's time to get fit and to clear your mind Use the time to do get some exercise. Whether it is running around the garden with kids or doing an online Pilates course. It’s great to get outside if possible and to get some fresh air. Travel Counsellors has set up a TC Fit Facebook page. TCs are posting photos of their activity. Other TCs are cheering them on with wonderful comments and likes.

Do something fun Read a book or take up an arts and craft lesson. There are loads of videos on YouTube or ask a friend to teach you over a zoom call and coffee. Paint a picture. Spend time with the kids. Play a game. Watch a video.

Travel and Food go hand in hand Our Travel Counsellors are loving making tasty meals, baking with kids. Our WhatsApp group is buzzing with photos. We have also started a TC Rate my plate Facebook Group. TCs are sharing their food creations and open to comments (some of which are hilarious!) We are also encouraging TCs to share recipes and we hope to bring out a TC Recipe Book with tried and tested favourites... Watch this space...

Travel Counsellors are a community of travel experts with a sense of family and care in everything we do. When the time is right and if you would like to learn more about our community then get in touch.

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