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We were magic this weekend

A huge Thank you to all Travel Counsellors. We were magic this weekend.

In my many years in travel, I have never seen such comradery, love, compassion, care, help…and all genuine. All hours of the night, searching for seats, holding seats for other TCs, following the countries as the lockdown unfolded.

So many goosebump moments, tears and smiles, as a TC gets a seat for a passenger (or their mom).

Watching a TC manage to get 2 seats to the USA for 2 different customers, and then seating them together so they can meet each other.

Booking Sleeping pods at Doha, cos the layover is 9 hours….yes, even through the chaos – we still needed to make travel magical.

Sharing everything while slogging away till midnight, from jokes to successes, murder mystery outings and laughing all the same.

Yes, our Travel Counsellor Community is amazing.

Proud is an understatement!

This story was sent in by Lynde Opperman a Travel Counsellor in Worcester. She sent this to Marc our Business Development exec to read out on today's TCTV (our Travel Counsellors television broadcast).

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