What Happens When Crisis Hits?

Being a Travel Counsellor you are never on your own and you are supported by a team of experts from our support team both locally and internationally. In addition to this you are supported by a global network of over 1900 Travel Counsellors from across the globe.

Crisis Management

The true scale of our global operation comes into sharp focus in times of genuine crisis. The Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, The Tsunami of 2004, the Ash Cloud in 2010, terrorist attacks and airline or supplier failures; we’ve handled them all. When tragic events or challenging situations hit, there’s always mind-blowing dedication from our committed support colleagues to help you to protect your customers. Consider, for example, how our operation swung into action when there was a bomb blast in Istanbul recently.

Our 24/7 Duty Office monitor world events constantly so they immediately pulled a Crisis Team together to support our Travel Counsellors and their customers. Our unique booking platform, Phenix, knows where every single client is in the world at any given point. Travel Counsellors with affected clients were immediately informed by our support team, and then were able to make contact with those customers, communicating with them through the crisis to ensure they were safe, relocated, repatriated – whatever was right for the customer.

All this ensures you’re never alone. We help you to communicate with your customers and collectively, we’ll do everything within our power to get them swiftly and safely back home should the need ever arise. We can also draw on the support and expertise of our global colleagues, such as our Australian team, to take advantage of the working day in each hemisphere. From the smallest query to a full-blown crisis, our incredible global community of travel experts is there to support you every step of the way.

Travel Counsellors is an amazing organization to work for at the best of times, but when the going gets tough, there’s nowhere I’d rather be. Says Lynde Opperman

24/7 Duty Office Team

Our 24-hour Duty Office team provide expert assistance 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. They provide peace of mind both in assisting you with any problems you may have beyond the regular working day, as well as providing an unrivalled level of support to your customers when they are travelling overseas.

This ranges from simple changes affecting travel, to personal emergencies or full-blown crisis management, when major international events mean that customers need relocating, re-protecting or bringing home urgently. We're here to support you 24/7 says Rachel Boyd, Operations Supervisor

It's important that when you start your own travel business that you partner with a company who will support you and give you the expert guidance that you need. But don't take our word for it speak to any of our Travel Counsellors and hear it from them. Please give us a call if you would like a private and confidential chat.

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