Why buying a franchise reduces your risk

When you buy a franchise, you buy a tried and tested recipe for success. The hard work has been done, and the path cleared for you to build a flourishing business.

The benefits of buying a franchise are plenty:

  • A straightforward and painless start-up process.
  • Ongoing business support.
  • A strong, recognizable brand.
  • Tested technology and back-office systems.
  • National marketing.
  • Buying and negotiating power.
  • Franchisee network of support.

There are numerous risks associated with starting your own business. By buying a franchise, you avoid many of those risks because of a proven business concept, a perfected business model, and support from the franchisor.

But not all franchises offer the same level of support and protection, and it’s therefore critical to not only consider the income split when measuring up franchise models.

Why RISK it with Travel Counsellors?

The success of the Travel Counsellors business model has been demonstrated for 29 years and proven with over 1900 travel franchise owners globally. We shield you from so many of the risks associated with running your own business.

Cyber Incidents

According to the Allianz Risk Barometer, a global annual survey done by Allianz, the top risk to businesses in 2023 is the risk of Cyber Incidents. For the second year, data breaches, cybercrime, and IT failure are the biggest concerns for business owners. We take cyber security seriously and have implemented sophisticated measures to protect the business. Travel Counsellors also offers frequent training to arm you with the knowledge to fight cybercrime.

Supplier Failure

We work with approved suppliers whose backgrounds and financial standing have been checked and verified by us. When you use our approved list of suppliers, your client’s money (and your business) is protected against supplier insolvency.

Old Tech

In a competitive industry, your service must stand head-and-shoulders above the rest. Key to this service is a quick turn-around time on quotes based on the best products at the best rates, the ability to make bookings quickly, easy invoicing, and accurate MIS reports.

As a company, we invest millions in continually upgrading our systems and technology to reduce the risk of old tech keeping you at a disadvantage, leading to a loss of business.

Golden Habits

At Travel Counsellors, we have identified a list of habits that, when followed, consistently guarantee success. Our Golden Habits, as we refer to them, are based on great business practices tailored to the travel industry. Through our induction program and ongoing business coaching, TCs are trained in the habits and how to apply them to their unique circumstances.

The Bottom Line

We have a history of unwavering support of our Travel Counsellors.

Our aim is to help TCs become successful business owners and to create profitable and sustainable businesses, that grow and thrive over time because they’re not exposed to risk. Our focus has always been on the Travel Counsellor and the well-being of their business. That’s at the heart of our business model, which has never changed.

How do we minimise the risk to your new business?

Mladen Lukic on risk

Mladen Lukic, Managing Director of Travel Counsellors South Africa, "Your risk is minimal when joining Travel Counsellors."

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