Why Choose Travel Counsellors

It’s a daunting task deciding which partner to choose to help you to start your own travel business. There are many options out in the marketplace, but when comparing each offer you will discover that not all partner companies are equal.

Many travel professionals have found themselves in your shoes, wondering if this is right for them. But what may be reassuring to know is that 1,900 + travel professionals chose Travel Counsellors.

For many of them, their only regret was not choosing Travel Counsellors sooner.


Pioneers of Travel

Our business model has been built around working from anywhere since day one. With R120 Million investment, we’ve won awards for our leading technology

Customer-First Values

It’s hugely important to us that our TCs are able to maintain good client relationships, in fact, we’ve consistently won awards for our customer care before and during the pandemic.

It’s Our Passion

With 1,900 TCs across the globe, the support of the TC community is never far away. And with personalised, professional support and training you’re free to focus on selling the travel you love

Unlimited Earning Potential

Becoming a Travel Counsellor is a full-time commitment but imagine unlimited earning potential and the flexibility of being your own boss. It’s life-changing.

“When I joined Travel Counsellors I was at a stage in my life where I had no children at home and I owned a travel agency that was busy enough but too stressful to handle! Travel Counsellors was genuinely an answer to my prayers. I was at the point where I needed to make a life choice - to choose life over work or work over life. I chose Travel Counsellors! Ten years later, I can honestly say it was the best career choice I ever made. From day one I started earning more money, most of my clients have all become friends and some even see me as a part of their family. One client has a saying, “when in need to travel, pass that need onto Charmaine for your solution” This alone makes me extremely proud of myself and, in turn, Travel Counsellors.” Charmaine Higgins, Travel Counsellor since 2007

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Interested in becoming a Travel Counsellor?

Joining Travel Counsellors is a big career decision, and we're here to guide you throughout this exciting journey. Whether you're a newcomer to the industry or an experienced travel pro, we're ready to help you chart your course to success.

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