Why DMCs are key to authentic, tailor-made experiences at Travel Counsellors

The key to creating authentic, tailor-made experiences at Travel Counsellors... DMCs!

A DMC, or ‘Destination Management Company’, is a specialist company that operates ‘on the ground’ in particular destinations, providing extensive local knowledge of their specific destination. They provide ground support for our customers; from meeting and greeting them when they arrive at the airport, to escorting them on unique excursions throughout their trip.

So far this year, our Travel Counsellors have packaged over 1,200 bookings directly with our DMCs through our in-house booking system Phenix, compared to 400 throughout 2016; demonstrating the increasing popularity of bespoke, tailor-made holiday experiences. Our Travel Counsellors build their businesses through delivering a personal level of service and unique experiences for their customers, and our partnerships with DMCs enables them to deliver this to the highest standard. To support this growing trend we’re continually working to expand the number of DMC suppliers for our Travel Counsellors, with new partnerships recently announced with DMCs in North America, Greece and Cuba.

To continue our focus on this area of the business, we recently launched our first DMC Takeover Day our Head Office in Manchester, attended by 65 Travel Counsellors, who heard directly from six of our largest DMC partners about the product and service they can offer them.

So what did we learn about DMCs?

DMCs provide an extension to your destination knowledge

The world is a pretty big place, and knowing the ins and outs of every country would be tough, even for the most experienced travel professional! Our DMC partners are experts in their destinations, with extensive local knowledge, enabling Travel Counsellors to create bespoke itineraries to even the most far-flung destinations!

They create bespoke, tailor-made experiences for your customers

Working with DMCs enables Travel Counsellors to create authentic and unique experiences that their customer can’t find anywhere else. Our DMCs are committed to ensuring our customers don’t just have a holiday, and that they really experience the destination and its culture.

They provide a personal service from start to finish

Having direct relationships with partners on the ground means our Travel Counsellors can rest assured that their customers will always be looked after in a really personal way, and someone will always on hand should anything happen whilst they are away. As part of their service they will meet and greet customers at the airport, escort them on individual tours and provide regular updates while they are away.

They will make recommendations based on their individual needs of your customers

Our DMC partners share our values, culture and ethos, and understand the importance of providing the highest levels of personal service. They work with our Travel Counsellors and get to know them their customers as individuals, which means they’re booking what is right for their customer. That’s why we only work with the very best DMC partners across the world!

Booking through DMCs gives you more control and ability great commission at the same time

By working directly with DMC partners, our Travel Counsellors have even greater control over their bookings, and the experience that the customer is receiving on their holiday. Having direct relationships also means our Travel Counsellors can effectively cut out the ‘middle-man’, allowing them to earn a great margin, whilst still offering highly competitive prices for their customers.

Watch our short video to hear from Vivek from TWX, one of our valued DMC partners, about why they love working with our Travel Counsellors…

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