Why you should attend a roadshow

So, you like the sound of starting your own travel business, but you’ve got lots of burning questions? There’s no better way to find out if becoming a Travel Counsellor is right for you than attending an in-person Demo. Visit the EVENTS PAGE for the latest schedule.

Why attend our roadshow?

Our in-person Demo will give you the perfect introduction to life as a Travel Counsellor. Hear stories from existing franchisees. Get a real insight into life as a self-employed business owner and get honest answers to your questions. We can also answer any questions that you might have.

Understand our unique model

It’s important to choose a franchise that works for you. Discover how our proven business model can help you achieve your ambitions and goals.

Hear how we support you

With our head office as your back office, award-winning technology and global support, we free you up to focus on building your business.

Uncover the benefits

From flexibility and fantastic earning potential to personal well-being and great incentives, being a Travel Counsellor has its perks.

Our recruitment team hosts regular online demos and in-person roadshows.

Visit the EVENTS PAGE for the latest schedule.