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Women's Day: Celebrating our female franchisees

August is our National Women's month where we honour all our female Travel Counsellor franchisees.

Leaving salaried employment and starting a business takes both guts and determination. It is not an easy decision and many of our franchisees wonder whether they have what it takes to be successful.

Then starting a business in the middle of a pandemic may seem crazy to some, yet love and passion and care for their customers come through in every booking made.

We are proud of all our female travel Counsellors who have gone above and beyond looking after their customers especially over this pandemic. It has not been easy with Government rules changing without a moments notice. Many have worked night and day, tirelessly pulling out that magic wand to help customers jump through hoops. Did you know that 95% of all South African travel franchisees are female?

Many of our female Travel Counsellor franchisees have been juggling many roles like; homeschooling kids, looking after the grandkids, being a wife, mom, sister, friend, encourager and the list goes on... This is in addition to travel franchisee owner.

These women have shown great strength and determination. Nothing has stopped them - not even covid! They have big hearts, a passion and love for travel and such care for their customers.

Today on Women's Day we honour every one of you.

If you too would like start to join the TC Community then please get in touch. We hold regular webinars that will show you what life as Travel Counsellor is all about. We look forward to hearing back from you.

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