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A franchise solution for agency owners

At Travel Counsellors, we understand the pressures, concerns, and challenges you face running a travel agency. Competition from the internet, rising overheads, declining profits, bonding costs, admin and ADM issues, staff shortages, and changes to consumer legislation, to name but a few, are all things that constantly distract you from giving your clients the service you would like.

These and other issues have helped to take the shine off businesses that were once thriving and profitable.

With a proven track record both locally and internationally, Travel Counsellors offers an unrivaled cost-effective opportunity for you as a travel agency owner to reposition your business.

It is your chance to stay in travel, continue holding the reigns, shed time-consuming admin and back-office functions, and get expert help and assistance to grow your business.

Take advantage of our state-of-the-art technology and innovative marketing tools that put you in control of your business. Our business development assistance, world-class admin support, and industry-leading customer relationship management systems enable you to work more efficiently, win more clients, and earn more money.

Recruitment Requirements

  • Eligible to work in SA or Namibia
  • Experienced travel professionals with a minimum of 5 years of senior retail or corporate travel experience.
  • Valid Galileo certification (a conversion course from Amadeus is available at no cost to you)
  • Able to make a full-time commitment
  • To be free of all commitments.

What will it cost?

  • A joining fee of R5,000, excluding VAT
  • A monthly management fee of R500, including VAT
  • A 60:40 Commission and Service fee split (60% to you) with no hidden fees
  • You also meet the cost of your home ADSL together with the cost of your telephone calls

How will it work?

You will have the best of both worlds. You can enjoy freedom and flexibility to work when you want to and when your clients need you, providing a bespoke concierge service. The Travel Counsellors Golden Habits and System of Success will enable you to promote, maintain and deliver the highest levels of customer service.

You will trade as Sole Proprietors in your own name, i.e. Sarah Mills Travel Counsellor.

Travel Counsellors Head Office takes care of your back-office admin and provides sales support, business development, marketing, training, and more.

We will enable you to quickly grow your client base using our tips, tools, and business development support.

See what some of our SA TCs have to say

"As a small to medium-sized travel agency owner, I found that I just couldn’t make enough money. Sure, I was working all the hours I could, often until very late, but the costs, overheads & staff issues were just killing me. Fortunately, that’s when I picked up the phone and called Travel Counsellors and I’ve never looked back." Says Charmaine Higgins, Travel Counsellor, Johannesburg

"I now take home 60% of everything that I earn with Travel Counsellors, which is a heck of a lot more than I ended up with when I owned my own agency. Imagine everything that used to distract me is now taken care of by Travel Counsellors, leaving me completely free to concentrate on my clients. It’s a win-win situation that gets better every day as my happy clients are now constantly referring me to their friends and colleagues. I should have made the move much sooner." Says Helen Shelver, Travel Counsellor, Johannesburg

Questions you may have

__Is Travel Counsellors primarily a leisure brand?

We have a strong presence in both the leisure and corporate travel markets and provide you with the tools and products to grow your business no matter what market you choose.

Will your Administration be as efficient as I would be? Travel Counsellors' dedicated administration team handles all back-office functions to ensure consistency, continuity, and seamless service, while our robotic ticketing facility will improve your efficiency.

Sales and commissions, paid monthly, are tracked and visible to you at all times.

__Do I need to achieve sales targets each month?

Not in the first twelve months, but we will ask you to use the tools provided to create your business plan. In the second year, we expect you to achieve a minimum average monthly turnover of R150,000 in gross sales.

__Is there out-of-hours support?

In addition to the support provided by our team at Head Office, there are also staff on standby outside of business hours to assist you if needed. There is also a 24/7 EMERGENCY service.

__Do I get marketing ideas?

Yes. Our Business Development Manager will help you develop a detailed marketing plan. You will receive business and leisure aids for tendering purposes and tools to personalise various forms of marketing communication.

__I’m concerned that I may feel isolated. Is there anything to help with that?

You will not only have daily interaction with your operations team, join weekly webcasts from both the Manchester office and the South Africa Head Office, and receive regular online and in-person training, but you will have access to our live message board system, which puts you in touch with Travel Counsellors from across the world.

As a Travel Counsellor, you can join the regular business development roadshows, the annual South Africa conference and the global conference in the UK.

__Do I have to sell to preferred suppliers?

No. We believe that you should be free to sell whatever you want. However, we have a wide selection of approved suppliers whose backgrounds and financial standing have been checked and verified by us. When you use any of these suppliers, your clients will be covered by our financial trust, which protects them in the event of supplier insolvency.

Additionally, we have negotiated better-than-average upfront commissions with many of these suppliers and have a variety of private, corporate, and IT fares.

__Is Travel Counsellors an IATA-licensed company?

Yes, Travel Counsellors (Pty) Ltd is an IATA-registered travel agency. We also hold a level 4 BBB-EE rating.

So What Happens Next?

We will set up a private and confidential meeting to demonstrate our systems and support. We will also explain the recruitment and induction process in detail.

A note from Mladen Lukic (Director, Travel Counsellors South Africa)

"It is only natural to be concerned about the long-term prospects of your business. Supplier relationships have changed and clients are more knowledgeable and empowered than ever before, so it makes sense that you need to adapt too. The Travel Counsellors business model includes access to world-class technology and tools, that gives you a real competitive edge and place you firmly back in control of your business. When you join Travel Counsellors you will partner with a respected, global leader in home-based travel business. The opportunity to significantly reduce your overheads and do away with tedious back-office functions, leaving you free to concentrate on what matters most - your clients, is too good to be missed. At every level, whether you are in corporate or leisure travel, we promise to support and help develop you and your business."

Do your homework and become a winner with Travel Counsellors.

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