Happy New Year! A New Year represents new beginnings & new opportunities…

A new year has begun. We don’t want a repeat of 2020. We can be grateful for the lessons learnt. We can be grateful for the time given to us to discover what was most important. What we know is that we can’t leave things to chance and we can’t do what we have always done.

Self-Reflection Question: Do you know the direction in which your travel career is headed? If so, do you know what you need to do to help you to achieve the desired results?

For many when making a big decision, like starting their own travel business, it is important for them to carefully select their travel partner. This travel partner will provide them with the tech and tools, that they need to offer the necessary support, the training, the commercial deals and so much more...

Many people look at the headline commission only and select their partner based on this. At a first glance it might look like a no brainer. But what they fail to consider is that sometimes the more money you keep, means the more money that you will need to spend. They fail to realise that they will need to outlay money to invest in future developments like websites, Travel apps, marketing tools, CRM data bases etc. It’s not only the finances, but it’s the time and do you have the skills to do this? Very few people do and this is why Travel Counsellors is the partner of choice as they take care of all this and more for their franchisees.

Travel Counsellors give you the tech, tools, training and support that you will need. Travel Counsellors ensure that you have all that you need to stay on top of your game. Travel Counsellors will do everything that they can to help you to get your business off to the very best start. Travel Counsellors will minimise the business risk whilst giving you every possibility of a future success.

2021 might be the year you take a calculated risk and to start your own travel business. Consider some of the benefits that you could enjoy as a Travel Counsellor franchisee.

  • A better work-life balance

  • More Freedom

  • More Flexibility

  • Greater Earning potential

  • Access to the best Support and Systems & Tech

  • Rewards and appreciation for your efforts

  • Personal and business growth

  • And the list goes, on...

The Time is now to take hold of your travel future and to not leave anything to chance. Could Travel Counsellors be the opportunity that you need to help you to realise your dreams and goals? Give us a call on 082-936-1180 or why not book onto one of our events or get in touch so that we can show you how we can support you and help you to build a business that can scale year on year?

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