Inspire Virtual Conference

The global TC Community will be coming together online tomorrow (15th of June) for an Inspirational themed Virtual Conference called Take Time to Make Time.

We are always looking for ways to bring the TC community together to inspire them and to ensure that they have access to the very best tools that will ensure their success.

So many Travel Counsellors across the globe are saying they don't have time. They say they are inundated with enquiries and that a booking takes more time to make due to the extra covid factors that come into play.

With this in mind - the company has put together a full-day event that will help TCs work smarter and not harder and make the best use of their time.

For those TCs who can't watch live, some sessions will be recorded, so agents can watch back at a time that best suits them.

The TC Community will be hearing from many of our Directors and some of our support team. Plus, we have two special guest speakers who will be joining us.

Check out our two inspirational guest speakers.

Lorna Dunning - Success & Mindset Mentor

Lorna is a Success and Mindset Mentor, Coach, Trainer and Speaker.

She is on a mission to guide people towards living an exceptional life. We can't wait to hear what she has to say.

Amar Latif - Blind traveller, entrepreneur & TV personality

Amar is the first blind contestant on the UK’s Celebrity MasterChef, exploring the world of faith on ‘Pilgrimage: the Road to Istanbul’, or even just as an expert on travel or accessibility on shows like Rip Off Britain, Morning Live and the One Show.

Amar will speak to our franchisees and support team about why we sometimes see obstacles instead of opportunities, how passion will always overcome fear, and what can happen when we look at the world differently.

We are excited to hear his story and advice. We can't wait to see what our Travel Counsellor franchisees can achieve when they change their mindset to see the opportunities in front of them.

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