I've Celebrated My Best Sales Month Ever - From the Desk of Kerith Hulme

Coming from a MICE background and wanting to offer a full service to her customers, this inspired Kerith to become a Travel Counsellor. She became a franchisee in November 2020. Covid hit 5 months later in March 2020 and business came to a halt. This gave Kerith a blank canvass to stop - pause and to re-invent herself.

Kerith didn't wait for travel to restart. She grabbed the 'gift of time' to brush up on her travel knowledge. She filled her days attending supplier training online. She used the opportunity to get to know her own local country.

She embraced the marketing tools and wrote travel blogs on her website which she shared with her customers. Kerith started with telling her customers why she made Travel her career of choice. She then started a feel international but stay local travel series. If you are keen on Keukenhof try Namaqualand and If you are keen on Miami, try Camps Bay Later Kerith wrote about Kerith's Top 15 South African Beaches ... to inspire her customers to keep inspired and dreaming about a beach break. Lockdown was tough and customers are looking to future travel and these blogs kept them inspired.

Lockdown eased - I can remember the day when we could travel within our province. It was so exciting to be able to leave our metropole area and 5km radius. Can you remember that?! Later this followed with the announcement that we could travel outside of our province! Now that was the news that we were waiting for and what a joy this was. South Africans were so desperate to get out of their homes. We are so privileged to live in a beautiful country that has so much to offer, we have so many gems that we can share with our customers. With international travel being closed to South Africa we also saw incredible local rates been offered.

Road Tripping became the next big thing to do! Explore Local was high on everyone’s travel lists. Kerith led the way and hit the road herself. She explored her own Gauteng Province and then hit the North West Province and surrounds. Exploring and living like a tourist, Kerith completed many sightseeing trips to many properties. Kerith shared her experiences and took her customers with her on this journey. She shared this in blogs offering her top road tripping tips. Check out some of her blogs... and she also shared this across her Social Media Channels.

This in turn inspired her customers to travel and to book with her. After all she is a professional, has the knowledge and the passion to make travel dreams come true.

Kerith has always delivered exceptional customer service. Check out what some of her customers had to say. Kerith stayed in touch with them and she was always available to help. As a result, the bookings came in. It wasn't always the big bookings, but it was doing lots of small bookings that added up too much.

Some of Kerith’s Highlights as a Travel Counsellor Franchisee

  • Kerith joined in November 2019. She was the 151st TC to join.
  • Kerith enjoyed 5 months of building a business before Covid hit.
  • August 2020 - Kerith saw business starting to pick up again.
  • September 2020 become her best month ever.
  • October 2020 Kerith's business grew 5 times to the size of her average months.
  • And October 2020 became Kerith’s best ever month ever.
  • Then November happened and Kerith beat her Oct sales making November 2020 her best month ever. The future of travel is looking so positive for Kerith and for our Travel Counsellor franchisees.

Customers are looking for peace of mind travel. They appreciate the reassurance that a Travel Counsellor brings to their travel bookings. Customers trust their Travel Counsellor and have complete confidence that their travel plans are in safe hands. Travel is looking up, customers want to deal with a trusted advisor, they want to support local businesses, so Kerith along with other Travel Counsellor franchisees are so well placed for this.

The time Is Now - consider your future in travel! Could 'Now' be the door of opportunity for you to follow a dream and to start your own travel business. Starting your own travel business with Travel Counsellors will mean that you will never be on your own. You will be supported by an amazing company who will provide you with all the tech and tools that you need. If you would like to learn more about starting your own travel business, then please get in touch.

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