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July induction training completed

*Not even Covid-19 was going to stop these agents from following their passion and dream to becoming business owners. Tomorrow we celebrate ‘Nelson Mandela Day’ on 18 July 2020. A famous quote of Nelson’s is “There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.”

This quote is true for 3 agents who have followed their passion for travel and their dream to run a business.

Rudie, Candice and Jeanette have completed their induction in the comfort of their home. And what is more is that Jaenette made her first booking on day 8 of her induction training.

The process was easy. Their laptops were prepped with all the Microsoft Office software as well as all the TC systems. This was couriered to their homes. All they needed to do was to plug it all in. It was that easy.

An invitation via Microsoft teams allowed the inductees to join the virtual classroom. The TC head office trainers connected to the virtual training room.

The morning sessions was all learning. The afternoons gave the agents time to apply what they had learnt. The head office support team are only ever a skype call away.

The induction training covered many modules. From all things Tech, to Marketing, to Sales, to how to get to know your customers and understand what they want. There was training on our systems; our Contact Centre (Customer Relationship Management System), the intranet, Phenix (our Quote and Book system) and the myTC app (our customer facing travel app) ... All things pertaining to Corporate Travel including Key Accounts Management, Reports, SLAs and so much more... Managing finances, fraud prevention, Operations and so much more... All this was covered over a 2-week period.

On their final day of training each inductee launched their travel business. Whoop Whoop! It is so exciting for them. They used the marketing tools provided to let their customers know that they are open for business.

Their leisure website went live. Their business travel website went live. Their Facebook page for their business went live. Agents have the choice of which social media platforms they wish to be on. So, for those who selected Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. all these went live too. The myTC app was ready for these Travel Counsellors and their customers to download. There are no extra charges for any of these applications.

In a few weeks’ time these Travel Counsellors will join a 10 week New-Starter programme.

Take a look what Jaenette had this to say,

Good morning TEAM

I cannot thank you enough for helping me with this journey. YES, I am super emotional, but its HAPPY tears. The support from all of you as well as friends and family has been overwhelming.

I am so looking forward to a new chapter in my live.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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