Natalie has been an ITC for 20 years

Let's hear from Natalie about her experience as a Travel Counsellor

I have been an ITC for 20 years now. I was with another ITC company but 13 years ago I decided to move my business and partner with Travel Counsellors.

I made the decision many years ago that I wanted to be my own boss and I knew that I had the integrity, discipline, and high service levels to make a success of my career.

I chose the Travel Counsellors Model because I could see that by being part of a global company they were at the forefront of technology & had the support structure that would go hand in hand with taking my business to the next level.

I am so happy to say that my business has grown ten-fold! It has taken time and dedication which has given me a steady increase in my turnover and earnings over the last 10 years.

Marketing has played an integral part in growing my business. Plus, my service levels being at the highest level has also helped me to satisfy my customers. Travel Counsellors have given me access to the resources and this has enabled me to satisfy my customer's demands and gain referrals from existing clients.

I am so grateful to my clients who had confidence in me when I went on my own and over the years, they have continued to use my services and have also played a key role in helping me grow my business, by passing on referrals.

The Best advice that I could offer someone who is thinking about becoming an ITC is to; "manage your time effectively, have a plan for your day, be disciplined and you will reap the rewards."

My Goal for this year is to bring my business back to the level it was in 2019 by the end of this year and to then take it even higher!

Do you want to be your own boss, to be in control and to offer the best possible service to your customers? Joining Travel Counsellors will give you access to all the tools, support, and training so that you can scale your business. If you would like to discover more about becoming a Travel Counsellor, then please get in touch.

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