Did you know that a high % of small businesses that fail are not members of an association?

Deciding to start your own business is a big decision and a complex one. There are so many things that you need to take into consideration to ensure that you will have the best chance of success. It is quite normal to have feelings of great excitement, but also to have concerns like, can I make a success of it?

Having the right travel experience is essential and then one of the most important considerations will be who will I partner with? You can follow a DIY approach and do it all yourself or you can select a travel partner who will offer you the support.

Partnering with someone should give you the best chance of success. Choosing a partner goes far more than just commission splits. Support is everything, you will see this especially in a time of crisis. Consider if that partner will be competing with you and determine how much will they reinvest back into your business to ensure your success. You want to ensure that your business partner will help you to scale and grow your business.

Another big consideration is if you go on your own and decide not to partner with someone then it is important to consider if you have the time and skills and no how to build a website, a CRM system so that you can complete with customer protect and POPI laws, to stay abreast of industry changes like being PCI compliance, and does your business comply with marketing laws etc.

If you were to partner with Travel Counsellors these are just some of the support offered

Start up equipment

We provide you with a laptop fully loaded with your Microsoft office programmes, marketing materials, business cards. We replace the laptop and insure it when necessary.


From induction training, to new starter training, to an accelerator training, to ‘Going for Gold’ training. We have an online hub that can be accessed 24/7 covering modules from IT - how to protect yourself from fraud, Microsoft training, destination and specialist training and so much more... We also hold regional training around the country and an annual conference both locally and internationally.

Commercial Deals

We take care of this for you. You can then sell the product that is right to your customer. There is no directional selling.

Professional Personal Development

You have access to a Personal Development Coach who will work with you to help you to build and scale your business.


We provide you with all this tech (and more); an intranet, your own leisure website, your own business website, a MYTC travel app for your customers, a CRM system to hold your client info and to streamline your marketing, you can get Galileo on a mobile device so that you can make bookings on the go.


Travel Counsellors are members of IATA (International Air Transport Association) and ASATA (Association of Southern African Travel Agents).


We provide you with the tools to help you to get to know your customers, to inspire them to travel to generate sales and bookings.

Corporate Travel

You will have access to reporting that you need, BEE certification, a head office team member who will help you with tenders and who will give you all the tools that you need.

And so much more…

If you would like to discover more then get in touch with us and we can do a demo and show you how you can be supported by a global leader in travel homeworking.

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