4 ways Travel Counsellors stay connected to others when working from home

Far from being isolated or lonely, Travel Counsellors working from home around Australia use a wide range of tools and methods to stay connected with others.

One of the biggest mental hurdles many people have to overcome before taking the leap to work for themselves is getting comfortable with working in a home office by themselves. Many people fear they’ll lose motivation. Others worry about missing the camaraderie of working in a retail store or office. But when you’re a Travel Counsellor, working from home doesn’t mean you’re alone. Instead, Travel Counsellors come together every day, in many different ways.

Here’s four ways Travel Counsellors meet new people, stay connected and work together as a team:

1. Phone a friend

When you’re a Travel Counsellor, a friendly voice and listening ear is only a phone call away. Whether it’s chatting about business goals during scheduled business development calls, phoning head office to find out more about an upcoming training session or asking another Travel Counsellor about the best way to book that tricky airfare to Greenland, Travel Counsellors may work on their own business, but they are never alone.

__2. Tune into TCTV __

TCTV is a live broadcast produced by the Travel Counsellors head office. A nifty way for Travel Counsellors to hear the latest company news and updates, TCTV can be streamed live or caught up on later at a more suitable time. TCTV is also used to broadcast training sessions and webinars, so Travel Counsellors can learn about everything from the latest cruise products to important destination updates, all without leaving their home office.

3. Attend events

Training sessions, roadshows and other events are a great way for Travel Counsellors to spend time face-to-face with head office staff, suppliers and other Travel Counsellors. No one benefits from working in a bubble, and that’s why Travel Counsellors are encouraged to attend as many events as they can throughout the year. From booking in to attend the annual conference (one of the most anticipated events of the year) or heading along to one of the TC on Tour events to learn more about what’s new in the business, to going to picnics and end-of-year functions with suppliers, Travel Counsellors who take the opportunity to attend events typically walk away filled with inspiration and a long list of new contacts and friends.

4. Hit the road

Undoubtedly, one of the best things about travel is the people you meet and the friendships forged while on the road. Throughout the year, Travel Counsellors are given many opportunities to explore the world via reward trips and famils organised by both Travel Counsellors and key suppliers and industry partners. These kinds of trips not only offer Travel Counsellors the chance to see a new place and boost their knowledge about a destination, they are also a top way to meet other Travel Counsellors from all over Australia and the world. From coming together to enjoy a few cocktails in a luxury resort in Fiji, to having fun in the USA’s legendary theme parks – famils and reward trips bring Travel Counsellors together and often lead to supportive friendships that last long after the trip is over.

For more information on how you can start a rewarding and successful career as a Travel Counsellor, contact our friendly team today.