Our Travel Franchise Model

Why start a franchise?

  1. There’s a host of benefits to starting your own franchise business - higher success rates, ongoing support and lower initial investment costs, but with so many franchises and homeworking companies out there, how do you decide which one’s right for you?

How does the Travel Counsellors franchise model work?

It’s important to choose a franchise that has an impeccable track record. Travel Counsellors have set the trend in flexible travel homeworking since 1994. Our proven business model works by building meaningful, trusted relationships, leading to referrals and a high level of repeat bookings. It works because it’s a partnership. Your expertise and drive, together with our investment, support, technology and community. It’s already working for more than 1,900 Travel Counsellors across the globe, and it can work for you too.

What does the Travel Counsellors proven business model give me?

Confidence - you're with a world-leading travel homeworking company.

Success rates of setting up your own business

Because our proven model combines the freedom to be a business owner with the support and ongoing investment of a trusted business, our success rate is high:

Why choose Travel Counsellors' franchise model?

Sonia Brobbin, Travel Counsellor

"The franchise model gives you uncapped earning potential, the flexibility to work in the way that suits you, low investment costs and the confidence that you’re joining a company with an impeccable track record."

How much commission can I earn on a travel booking?

Christian Mascarenhas, Travel Counsellor

"Our booking platform, Phenix, gives you the ability to control the commission you make on every booking. Meaning you can find a price point that is suitable for the customer's wallet and your bottom line."

What are the benefits of the Travel Counsellors' franchise model?

Robert Kiernan, Gold Travel Counsellor

"Our proven model means the best of both worlds. The flexibility to run your own travel business, but with a full 24/7 support team behind you"

Be in control of your earnings

The average earnings of a Leisure Travel Counsellor who has been in the business for two years is £35,000, but our top earners make over £100,000 per year.

Earnings are uncapped and there are no sales targets. Quite simply, the more you put into your business, the more you’ll get out of it. Our flexible business model supports you equally, whether your ambition is massive or more modest. It really is up to you.

Our model is commission-based. That means you'll earn money on a commission basis on the bookings that you make.

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Future-proofing your business

Whatever your background or ambition, we’ll give you all the training, tools and expert advice you need to build a successful and profitable business. From admin, to finance, marketing, PR and IT - we’ve got you covered.

Our continual investment into all aspects the business - technology, people, support, training and product - ensures your business stays firmly ahead of the curve.

"Becoming a Travel Counsellor is the best decision I ever made. I earn more, and I feel part of something really special."

Bob Peters - Travel Counsellor

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