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How we Protect our Customers When Disaster Strikes


Travel is notoriously unpredictable with disruptions around every corner. So, how do we protect our Travel Counsellors and their customers when disaster strikes?

An active community and a culture of sharing


A culture of sharing, championing each other and doing the right thing for our people is what sets Travel Counsellors apart from other travel companies.

Be empowered to run your business, your way


Travel Counsellors can flex our business model to suit their needs: working in teams, employing staff and sharing offices are just a few of the ways they can maximise their productivity.

January 2020: Celebrating our best-ever month


With £90 million in sales, £5.2 million made in a single day, and 369 franchisees achieving record-breaking sales, January 2020 was the best month in Travel Counsellors history.

Tailor-make trending destinations in Phenix


With everything you need to tailor-make available in one system, creating irresistible itineraries to the most talked-about destinations couldn't be simpler!

Opening new doors for my Corporate Travel Business

Corporate Travel

After 17 years as a Business Travel Counsellor, David Griffin makes the most of the different ways we support, and empower, Business Travel Counsellors to do what’s best for their business.

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