6 Signs You Should Become A Travel Counsellor

We all spend far too much time at work to not spend that time doing something we love. Ever wondered if you’ve got what it takes to strike out on your own as a Travel Counsellor? Here are the 6 signs it’s time to take the next step in your travel career.

1. You’re passionate about travel

It’s fair to say that all Travel Counsellors share a love of travel – whether they find that in exploring new places, putting the perfect package together for a client, or discovering wonderful new travel experiences and insider tips to share with like-minded souls.

After 12 years in a retail agency, Jake Cassar knew it was time to do something for himself. His love of travel has only been reinforced since joining Travel Counsellors 9 months ago. Reflecting on this, TC Jake says, “I was hardly able to travel when I worked in a store – I had to worry about taking leave or saying yes to famils. Since I started, I've been on a river cruise in Europe, camped with the family on Kangaroo Island all summer, went to Fiji and Thailand and I’m off to Canada to do the epic Rocky Mountaineer train journey in a few weeks. I no longer have to ask my boss for time off and best of all, I can keep working while I’m exploring - all I need is an internet connection.”

Travel Counsellors gives you an opportunity to be rewarded for the hard work you put in without having to distance yourself from the bit that got you hooked: creating bespoke travel experiences for your customers.

2. You love going the extra mile

If there is nothing you like more than researching destinations with your customers over a cuppa, looking for the best value routes for an urgent business trip or adding a “wow-factor” to a holiday experience, you need Travel Counsellors as much as we need you! We’re all about personal relationships and going that extra mile. It’s why successful Travel Counsellors have a such high repeat and referral businesses – people always come back for more! “I can spend way more time on my customers now. I can really hone in on my customers and give them exactly what they want, while my head office team takes care of the backend stuff” says TC Jake.

If you find yourself getting frustrated by unrealistic targets and directional selling, or the confines of 9 to 5 business hours are preventing you from servicing your customers the way you want, becoming a Travel Counsellor gives you the freedom to put this right. When you’re running your own business with us, you’re in charge of your own targets, hours of work and commission, you can put as much effort into every booking you take as you desire.

3. You want to feel rewarded

It’s tiring working so hard for a big organisation and not really getting to reap the benefits of everything you sell. You might be walking away from a base salary, but you can decide how rewarding you make each and every booking you make when you use our amazing in-house system, Phenix. On his move to Travel Counsellors, TC Jake says: “The way I look at it, I’m doing half the amount of work than I was doing in an agency, for more pay.” A true one-stop shop for the savvy travel agent, everything from low cost air to DMC’s are available to book in Phenix. On Phenix, TC Jake says it is “what sold me to Travel Counsellors; it blew my mind when I saw it for the first time.”

Because you are your own boss, you set the pace when it comes to how much you work and how much you can earn. On average, a Travel Counsellor earns 10% more than they would in a brick and mortar travel agency. Our top 50 Travel Counsellors take home more than $150k each year, all whilst working flexibly and with the customers they choose.

4. You’ve always dreamt of starting your own business

It’s not easy running your own business. You need to be driven, self-motivated and eager to succeed. But if the prospect of trading in the 9 to 5 and a low base salary for flexibility, freedom and an uncapped earning potential excites you, then you have a natural home at Travel Counsellors.

At Travel Counsellors, you can go into business for yourself but not by yourself; we’ll support you every step of the way. When you choose Travel Counsellors, you’re choosing an award-winning, tried and tested model of business. We’re proud to say we have been in the business of helping travel agents work for themselves for 25 years. With 1,800 Travel Counsellor franchisees world-wide, and the best support team and technology in the industry, we know a thing or two about what it takes to be a successful home-based agent.

5. You want a career that fits around your life

One of the biggest advantages to becoming a Travel Counsellor is the flexibility and freedom it gives, especially when it comes to setting your own working hours. “I get through my inquiries early and catch up with customers in the evening, because most of the time I'm looking after my young boys… I work around the schools and naps, stuff like that. I love that I’m able to be there for them and work at the same time” says TC Jake.

But you don’t have to be a parent or carer to benefit from the flexibility being a Travel Counsellor offers; whatever you want to make time for, you’re the boss.

6. You want to be part of a company that shares your values

At Travel Counsellors, we put our people at the heart of everything we do, and our customers come first, every time. Our customers are why we gurantee 100% Financial Protection for everything booked by a Travel Counsellor – So if an airline collapses or tour operator ceases to exist, we can promise customers will be protected no matter what.

We focus on building lasting relationships, which helps us to create unique, exciting and inspiring experiences for everyone we touch. And we must be doing something right because 96% of our customers say they would recommend their Travel Counsellor to their friends and family.

If your share our values and commitment to providing world beating customer service, then we’d love to hear from you!

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