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Kids In School? Why Being a Travel Counsellor Is Great For Busy Parents


January is here, the kids are nearly back in school, and that means that the daily routines for some may soon be full of school runs and after school activities. And of course, let’s not forget everything else that needs to be done throughout the day.

The Year That Was: 18 Standout Moments of 2018

TC Life

What a year 2018 has been for Travel Counsellors! A record-breaking year filled with award wins, new directions, fresh initiatives, and a whole lot of travel (did we mention that we love to travel?), Travel Counsellors has gone from strength-to-strength.

Tips for a more Responsible Holiday


Wherever we are on our travels, it’s important to keep our environmental impact to a minimum, and be respectful of local communities, in order to preserve our planet's amazing places. Here are a few tips and reminders to ensure we do just that.

One Global Team: How We Work Together


Backed by a well-resourced global headquarters based in the UK as well as an Australian head office in Melbourne, Travel Counsellors is able to offer more comprehensive support, resources and opportunities for home-based travel agents.

Benefits Of The Remote Working Revolution


No longer is work defined by the daily commute into the office before retreating into a room for eight hours, only emerging for a coffee break and lunch. Instead, we’re seeing a shift in mindset, one that embraces remote working and flexible hours.

Using video to boost your business


Today, every Facebook news feed is full of videos, and that’s not without good reason. A post containing a video receives, on average, 135% more reach than a post with photos.

Travel Counsellors Embrace Digital Tools to Grow Their Business


The ‘myTC’ app is just one of the digital tools our Travel Counsellors have at their disposal. Since its launch, the app has seen a 20% increase in the conversion rate of quotes to bookings, when compared to other digital marketing tools.

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