Enjoying Full Financial Protection as a Travel Agent

Working as a travel agent is exciting. You help people visit destinations they’ve always dreamed of, on holiday packages that suit their needs. At the same time, there’s also the nagging fear that something unexpected could go wrong.

At Travel Counsellors, we help our at-home travel agents by providing full financial protection. Our model will allow you to operate as an independent business owner, with all the support of a global conglomerate behind you. This allows you to maintain a personal touch, but also scale your business to deliver financial safety for your customers, and yourself.

Read on to learn about how we help our travel agents grow their business.

We put your customer first

69% of Australians want to experience a different culture when they go abroad. These dream holidays often come with a price tag to match. And when things go wrong, your customers can be left with nothing.

Our aim at Travel Counsellors is to help ensure that your customers are never left high and dry; by protecting their money, and yours. We try our best to anticipate events that may have an impact, like political situations, airline trouble and natural disasters. And if a disaster hits, we are there for our customers to bring them to safety.

Everything you book using us comes with financial protection. We hold your customers' funds in a reserve and only release it once they’ve completed their trip. When you’re trying to survive in such a fiercely competitive industry, being able to offer such levels of protection to your customers will set you apart.

Protecting your customers when disaster strikes

If you’re a travel agent, you’re probably more than aware that disaster can, and does, strike. Whether you’re worried about an airline going into administration or the disastrous effects of adverse weather events, our 24-hour Duty Office is here to help.

As we operate teams across both hemispheres, our emergency 24/7 support is on-ground and ready to get your customers out of a disaster, even if you are in bed asleep and haven’t seen the news in your time zone. In the past, we’ve managed such events with a rapid response that has shielded Travel Counsellor customers. When Air Australia went into administration, we immediately refunded the cost, and worked around the clock to help secure replacement flights for our agents’ customers.

When Hurricane Michael hit Florida in 2018, more than 150 flights were cancelled during one day; we anticipated the event, and shared this with our agents ahead of the disaster striking. As a result, when the airline’s news hit, our customers remained unaffected.

Scaling your business is our focus

Your customers are at the centre of everything you do. As a customer-focused company ourselves, we recognise that your success depends on your customer’s satisfaction.

Our business will help you spend more time on nurturing, building and supporting your customer base with perfectly curated travel itineraries. We do this through offering continuous investment in your business, developing powerful technology that can support you, and providing the comfort of a team of experts behind you.

At Travel Counsellors, we help independent travel agents scale their business. We know that you’re competing in an intense industry and we want to give you an unbeatable edge that helps you succeed. When you partner with us, you’ll have all the power of big business behind you, but you’ll still be able to operate as an independent agent. When you join us, you’ll benefit from full support from day one.

If you’re thinking of becoming a Travel Counsellor, you’re bound to have lots of questions, contact us.