Guiding you towards success - The Travel Counsellor Way

As a Travel Counsellor, you’ll be responsible for running your own business but you won’t have to do it alone - we will support you every step of the way.

Our tried and tested model proves that a relationship-based network of customers leads to a higher level of repeat bookings from delighted customers. Which is why the goal of our services and support systems are to enable you to focus on delivering exceptional customer service.

Don’t hesitate to call on our support team

As a Travel Counsellor, you will have access to a local support team who are there to guide you toward success. That means if you have queries about any aspect of the business, whether it be finance, administration, IT or marketing, all you have to do is pick up the phone and call, or drop us an email.

Many Travel Counsellors have found this level of support to be an invaluable part of the business as it allows them to focus on the customer. As one of our Travel Counsellors said, “I’m terrible with numbers. I’m a travel agent. I’m not good at accounts. What I wanted out of Travel Counsellors was to just sell holidays and that’s what I do.”

What’s more, is the global office open 24/7 for emergency support and the Duty Office is always open monitoring world events to keep your customers safe.

Be part of a community of Travel Counsellors

When you join Travel Counsellors, you become part of a 1900-strong community of travel experts located all over the world. The benefits of belonging to this network is unparalleled and can make all the difference between failure and success.

“What I love a lot is being able to bounce ideas off colleagues.”

“Even though I’m at home a lot on my own, I never feel alone.”

These are what some of our Travel Counsellors say. Through our intranet, message boards and communication apps, Travel Counsellors work as one community no matter where in the country (or the world) they choose to work from.

The freedom to engage in personal development

The most valuable asset to your business is you. That’s why we are dedicated to your personal development through professional counselling services and training to improve your personal wellbeing.

We also provide the technology and resources to support your business and help you stay ahead of the curb in the travel industry. Travel Counsellor franchise owners have access to comprehensive business development, where experienced personal coaches give you expert guidance, training and support that helps you grow and succeed.

Be personal with every customer

Treat every business call as you would any personal call to friends or family. This doesn’t mean you should be overly familiar when you talk to your customers, rather it means you should pick up the phone at every opportunity and respond to enquiries as quickly as you can.

In a competitive market, your customers have a lot of options. Often, the best way to set yourself apart from the competition is through great service, rather than trying to compete on products.

As they say, the early bird gets the worm. By being the first one to answer the call, you secure yourself the best chance of being the person who closes with that customer, even if it’s only a preliminary enquiry.

Always follow Up

When quoting a customer, make sure you’re maintaining strong lines of communication throughout the entire process. This means going the extra mile, even if it can seem a little excessive.

Follow up calls are particularly important when it comes to providing quotes. Call a customer before you send them the quote. This gives you a chance to double check that you’ve included everything that they’ve asked for and lets your customer know what they should expect.

On the off chance the customer isn’t happy with the amount quoted, you will also be able to gauge this better over a call. With an email you have no way of interpreting their reaction. An unhappy customer may not reply.

When a quote has been confirmed, you can use the myTC app to share itineraries and quotes. This lets you notify your customer while they’re on the go, and ensures the quote doesn’t get lost amongst all the other noise in their email inbox.

You should also follow up once a trip has been booked, to make sure the customer is happy and doesn’t require anything else. This is a perfect opportunity to show your excitement for your customers’ upcoming trip. It’s also a great time to ask them to refer you or share their itinerary on social media.

In the event that something has gone wrong, it’s better to resolve the problem as quickly as possible. A quick resolution will help minimise your customers’ frustration and keep prices close to original quote amounts.

Keep in touch with customers

It’s obviously important to communicate with people while you are building an itinerary with them, but it can also be very advantageous to communicate with your customer outside of the sales process.

Staying in contact helps you remain front of mind, which is important for two reasons.

You want to be the first travel advisor your customers think about when they start to plan their next trip. You can also get your customers to start thinking about their next travel trip, when they might be pushing a much-needed holiday to the back of their mind.

You can call strategically when you have this in mind. A great time to call is when someone has just returned from holiday. This gives you an opportunity to ask your customer how their trip was, and catch them while they still have that post-holiday glow. At this point, many travellers are already thinking about where else they’d like to visit. Why not call them and ask, “Where to next?” giving you something to follow up on in a few months’ time.

If your customer is a full-time worker and it’s been several months since their last trip, why not call them and ask, “Have you been anywhere lately? Let me know if you’re looking to take a break, I have some great options.”

It doesn’t have to be a call either. Branded gift cards around popular holidays or birthdays can be a great way to inspire your customer’s next holiday. Get creative. Sending postcards of a tropical beach in June is a nice subtle hint to take a break from the cold.

When it comes to your success, communication is key. Working on yourself lets you be more available to your customers, and helps build the long-term relationships that encourages growth that guarantees the success of your business.

If you'd like to know more about the benefits of starting your own travel business, get in touch with our careers team on 1300 889 123 or fill in the contact form.