How collaboration and support help Travel Counsellors win the best deals and customers

If you ask Australia’s top performing travel agents why they’re so successful, I’m sure that hard work, great tech and a customer-centric approach will be high on their list of winning traits. And whilst these attributes will always help to win lucrative deals and great customers, you might be surprised to learn that collaborating with ‘competitors’ is a huge factor driving the success of many businesses.

That’s why, at Travel Counsellors, we have a global network of expert ‘competitors’ just waiting to offer you support, collaboration and a wealth of expert advice.

Why do Travel Counsellors choose to collaborate?

Reid Hoffman from LinkedIn said it best with, “No matter how brilliant your mind or strategy, if you’re playing a solo game, you’ll always lose out to a team.”

No matter how amazing our Travel Counsellors are individually, we know that the sum of their combined industry knowledge and experience make them a formidable force to be reckoned with. By working together, Travel Counsellors can capitalise on their innate skills and can share valuable insights.

There’s opportunity to provide better services to your customers

When we collaborate, we provide our customers better service. That’s because no lone travel planner can possibly have the answer to every question thrown at them over the course of a day. By reaching out to your Travel Counsellor family and utilising their unique skills and resources, you can answer your customers questions quickly and correctly, giving you a competitive edge on the market.

Because we believe in facilitating growth through learning and collaboration, Travel Counsellors run plenty of social functions for our agents, as well as give them the chance to make life-long friends through our popular training sessions, supplier events and conferences.

For urgent inquiries and easy-access support we have also set up our Yammer, Message Board and WhatsApp forums so that any questions you may have can be answered by one of your Travel Counsellor colleagues, in the blink of an eye.

Have the world at your fingertips

Chances are, if you’re a travel planner you got into the industry because you have a passion for seeing the world. This is fantastic, but it’s also unlikely that you’ve been everywhere or that you have unlimited knowledge on every corner of the globe. The good news is that if you have a question about a region you lack knowledge in, simply access our global network of experts and someone will happily jump in and provide you with some valuable ‘locals only’ know-how that can’t be beat.

Promote your business by building partnerships

Rather than looking at your fellow travel agents as competitors out to steal your business, start seeing potential friends and partnerships you haven’t had the pleasure of developing yet. For example, if you’re based in Australia, reaching out and partnering with a fellow travel planner in the UK could lead to a beneficial business opportunity for both of you.

Imagine if someone from within their network wanted to book a trip to Australia. Who do you think they’ll be referred to if they need help with local attractions or bookings? Your UK buddy will have your back. Savvy travel planners know that promoting their business through partnerships is one of the most cost-effective, fun and authentic marketing tools in their belt, and with Travel Counsellors it couldn’t be easier!

Share ideas and perspectives

At Travel Counsellors we believe that continual learning is key to the success of any business, especially in the ever changing landscape of the travel industry. That’s why we offer bespoke ongoing training to all our agents and encourage a culture of shared ideas and perspectives throughout our network.

If you have ideas on how to make Travel Counsellors better, we’re open to that too! Your success is our success, so we’re always open to working with you to collaborate and build a travel company which is truly special.

Don’t forget that you’re a travel expert! This means that the ideas and perspectives you have are valuable to your customers. Opening up and sharing your vast knowledge with them not only helps to provide more targeted services for their needs but it shows them you care about them.

Feel part of a community

Travel Counsellors is more than just a collection of like minded individuals, it’s a family! That’s why we support each other in our businesses and help newcomers set up their franchises. We nurture a people-first culture that extends well beyond the limits of our professional circles, which is why Travel Counsellors has committed to a Corporate Social Responsibility dedicated to giving back to the world we love sharing so much with our customers.

Keep abreast with industry trends

The travel industry has seen a huge shakeup in the last ten years, and with trends coming, going and changing everyday, if you’re not abreast with the latest happenings, it’s all too easy to fall behind and be left in the dust. That’s the beauty of partnering with a global leader like Travel Counsellors. Because of our size and influence, we have the support staff, research and developmental procedures in place to be one step ahead of the game at all times. And we love sharing all that knowledge with all our network of agents.

Collaborating and supporting one another is what we do best at Travel Counsellors. It’s why our agents are so successful and the customers they service, so satisfied. Want to be a top performing travel professional? Stop seeing your comrades as the competition and start embracing the opportunity they provide, so that you can win the best deals and customers.

For more information on how you can start a rewarding and successful career as a Travel Counsellor, contact our friendly team today.