How does technology impact what customers feel about booking travel?

Despite the current difficulties, it’s only a matter of time before we see the travel industry bounce back.

For travel agents who are serious about improving customer experiences and growing their business in the future, it’s time to think about the technology you’re using to support you and your customers.

With the right technology, you can make a major impact on how your customers feel about booking travel and ensure that they come to you for this experience time and time again.

How travel technology impacts customers

The travel industry was an early adopter of technology, but things started to become complicated when customers began using similar tech to book their own holidays - and it saw some agencies go out of business. Meanwhile, savvy travel companies saw opportunities for success and rather than fighting the technology, began marketing themselves on their ability to leverage it to improve customer experiences.

Here’s how that technology is impacting customers.

Integrated booking platforms

Many customers have to toggle between airline, hotel and hire car companies to try and curate a seamless itinerary. This isn’t just time consuming but can also lead to mistakes such as flights not lining up or hotels booked on the wrong day.

With integrated booking systems, travel agents can now access all these services in the one place giving customers peace of mind knowing that their itinerary is flawless and checked by a professional. There’s also the added bonus of comparing prices through the one, easy platform. This makes it easy to demonstrate that you are getting them the best value for their individual plans.

Mobile technology

The mobile phone has become a travellers’ best friend. Camera, map, restaurant guide and communication device all in one, you’d be hard pressed to find a traveller who isn’t utilising mobile technology in one way or another. This is good news for the travel agents who can show they’re using industry only technology to secure better deals and provide superior customer service than that customer can on their own.

  • Mobile technology means customers expect bookings to be easy and instant
  • Notifications from suppliers such as airlines mean they are updated with the latest deals - and they expect agents to be competitive with these prices
  • Customers often make new bookings during their trip - for example, not booking internal domestic flights for their holiday until they are in the country and decide how long they want to stay put in each destination.

As an agent, working with a travel company that can address these changing customer expectations with in-house technology that is easy to use, improves conversion rates and gives customers the best experience throughout the booking process, will put your services in high demand.

That’s why Travel Counsellors love using Phenix.

What is Phenix?

Phenix is Travel Counsellors’ in-house booking system that allows you and your customers to compare thousands of accommodation, flight, attraction, cruise and activity options through the one, streamlined interface.

As you work together to plan the perfect holiday, Phenix builds this dream itinerary on-the-spot, giving you the flexibility to make changes and customise as you go.

With Phenix you:

  • Get automated price comparisons
  • Can book every aspect of a trip through the one interface
  • Clean up your desktop - all your tools are now in the one place
  • Can create easy, bespoke quotes on the spot
  • Have all your transactions stored in one place
  • Have access to wholesale rates from 1,000s of approved, trusted suppliers
  • Have access to 450,000 types of filtered, searchable accommodation

The Phenix system is regularly updated based on customer and agent feedback so it’s always up to date with your changing preferences and needs.

Advantages of Phenix

Phenix’s features are impressive, but how do they benefit travel professionals and their customers?

Customer conversion

Phenix is an excellent conversion tool for agents working with prospective customers. In fact, it’s so effective that since the introduction of Phenix and our customer app myTC, Travel Counsellors conversion rates have gone up by 25%!

Phenix allows your customer to witness the infinite combination of travel options you have access to across the globe. Once you’ve worked out a plan together you’re able to give them an instant quote and itinerary, leading to many on-the-spot bookings.

Link to trusted suppliers around the globe

Because Travel Counsellors is a renowned global brand, we’ve made some pretty special relationships with suppliers over the years. Not only do we have 1,000s of direct contracts with major suppliers and 30 trusted DMC partners globally, but our global buying power gives our network access to local expertise when they need advice or help with a booking. With Phenix you can access the world in a click of a button.

Stress-free travel for everybody

Phenix takes the stress out of booking travel - for both you and the customer. From the beginning, the customer feels like they have a say in how their itinerary is planned and have access to it throughout the trip with our customer app myTC.

  • Your customer has access to all their documents, flight information and accommodation in the one place
  • This takes the stress from the agent as the customer only needs to contact you in the case of emergency
  • Any changes to the itinerary are updated in real time eliminating confusion and avoiding complications

Happy business travellers

Businesses love using Travel Counsellors for their travel arrangements because Phenix allows companies to compare the best prices for their requirements, but because everything can be booked through the one system, they don’t have to waste time going through different suppliers themselves or putting together complex itineraries.

This also means more commission for you as the agent as you are booking all the suppliers for their journey rather than one or two.

Phenix and MyTC - a match made in heaven

One of the best features of Phenix is its ability to seamlessly sync with your contact list and our customer app myTC. Customers love our app because it acts like a travel agent they can carry around in their pocket. Working together, Phenix and myTC is changing how customers feel about booking and managing their travels.

Phenix is easy to use

You don’t have to be a tech head to navigate Phenix. It’s intuitive, easy to use, and you’ll be amazed at how much time it saves and how productive your days will become. Even if you’re technologically challenged, you’ll receive full training with our Phenix experts before you begin and can access Travel Counsellors e-learning platform to scrub up on your skills if you ever need a refresher.

Why Phenix will change the way your customers feel about booking travel

Phenix is changing the way customers feel about booking travel. In the past, many felt alienated by the booking process but now they can work with you to build their dream itinerary and access it anytime before, during and after their journey through their MyTC app.

As we all know, happy customers equal happy agents, repeat business and referrals. So, whether it’s the convenience of having all your tools in the one interface, having access to thousands of the world’s leading suppliers or the ability to link up with your customers throughout their journey, it’s no wonder that Travel Counsellors love Phenix.

If you’re ready to improve your business and set yourself up for a bright future, get in touch with the friendly Travel Counsellors team, today.