How Much Do Travel Agents Earn?

Every person in the workforce is ultimately trying to do the same thing - earn more. And travel agents are more driven than most.

The savvy travel agent knows that despite the internet serving as a gateway to information, the need for a travel agent is as pressing as it ever was. A coveted service for those looking for a simple, transparent and tailored approach to their travel.

So, how much do travel agents earn? Well, the answer is broad. Travel agents' earnings can fall in a variety of ranges on the scale. Here’s 9 of our best tips to help you get started earning the big bucks.

Master your pitch.

There is a great deal of value in an elevator pitch. As you discover what sets you apart from your competition, the next most important step is to compile that into an elevator pitch that will win over potential customers who may be on the fence.

You need to be able to quickly and efficiently tell someone what sets you apart and why they should choose you. Mastering a way to hook in customers is one of the keys to success.

Personalise the experience.

Everyone likes to feel special and unique – this is especially true of your customers. By offering them a personalised approach from the very first interaction, you will make them feel like you went above and beyond, and truly provided them with the best bang for their buck.

Remember, as a travel agent, you have a responsibility to your customer to not only protect, but also extend your moral duty of care to them. Provide them with the kind of experience that you yourself would expect.

Go after the complex trips.

Consumers can easily book themselves trips from point A to point B, but the larger and more involved trips are where your services come in. Focus on going after the customers who might be taking a trip internationally or who might be travelling to several different locations. The more complex the trip, the more you can charge and, therefore, the more profit for you. It will also be a chance for you to flex your travel muscles and show off your expertise to customers, who may end up coming back to you for future trips.

Consider working with net rates.

Taking commission is a common payment structure for travel agents. But when working on things like custom tours, consider getting net rates from suppliers and marking them up. This is a great and simple way to add a little more cash in your pocket.

Start your own business.

Most of us can appreciate that “working for the man” does get old. But aside from no longer having to punch the clock or report to someone else every day, there is much value to gain from working independently.

"One of the reasons Jake decided to join a home-based network was because of his need to travel. Working in a store only gave him four weeks annual leave, which simply is not enough for this intrepid traveller."

Because of the flexibility, low overheads and independence, you will experience greater job satisfaction, profit more, and offer your customers even more value as you are able to really customise each and every experience.

Go for the upmarket customers.

There are two types of travellers: those with more money than time, and those with more time than money. Go for those with more money than time – they are the ones who truly need a travel agent.

They will have the money to pay for a travel agent rather than seeing it as an unnecessary added expense. In addition, they will have the money to take a lavish vacation, but they will not have the time to plan it all.

Have a good website.

How can something as simple as a website make or break your success? Today, everything is online. Thanks to smartphones and other technology, people are used to having all the information they need right at their fingertips.

So when someone does go searching for a travel agent, the majority of the time they’re going to pick up their phone or open their computer and do a quick search. If you don’t have an online presence that is appealing, reliable, and relevant, you are potentially missing out on a lot of leads.

When it comes to having a good website, ensure that it is mobile-friendly, engaging, easy to navigate and offers plenty of information about who you are and what you do.

Get set up with the right platform

To really succeed as a travel agent, you need the best platform. One that offers support and saves time. Offering competitive rates and spending quality time understanding your customer’s specific needs is still critical. But that’s what you do best, when you have the time for it.

A great platform will aid you in finding the pockets of time you need to grow your business so that you can satisfy your customers, and gain referrals and repeats to earn more. This will mean you can focus more on providing value, creating bespoke itineraries, and developing a presence that will help grow your customer base.

At Travel Counsellors, more travel professionals start their businesses with us than with any other travel homeworking company globally. This is because we’ve got a platform that sees a $10 million annual investment in technology to help our agents earn more.

Develop a trusted brand.

Developing a trusted brand is the key to success for any business, but especially travel agents. Customers are trusting you to make their vacation – possibly the only one they are going to take this year – everything they had hoped it would be and more.

Develop a trusted brand by accumulating great reviews and notable accolades, and then be sure to convey that on your website.

Being a travel agent is a fulfilling and exciting job. And of course, earning a lucrative wage while doing it just makes it that much better! By building your own business with the right platform for support, you will find yourself earning even more. There is no better way to earn money than by helping people achieve their dreams, along with the support of Travel Counsellors backing you up.