How To Travel (And Make Money At The Same Time)

Have you always liked travel but never thought you could make a real career out of it? Or maybe you are working in travel but never realised you’d be spending so much time, well, not travelling.

Good news - there is now a way to turn your passion for travel into your own business with unlimited earning potential. We are Travel Counsellors - a travel consultancy franchise where agents are remote-based.

There are currently over 1,900 Travel Counsellors around the world working remotely. And now, if you have some experience in the travel industry, you can too.

Remote workers are more productive - it’s proven

A recent study from Harvard Business School shows that truly remote workers who ‘work from anywhere’ are 4.4% more productive than those who follow a traditional ‘work-from-home’ policy.

Future-focussed companies like Akamai, NASA and Github are already giving their people the flexibility (and tools) to work from anywhere, and here at Travel Counsellors, we are doing the same. Our unique franchise allows people to run their own travel business wherever they may be throughout the day - whether it’s on a beach in New Caledonia or waiting for their kids at footy practice.

How is this possible?


With Travel Counsellors’ ingenious set of online tools you can run your business from your phone or laptop. With the Phenix dashboard, you can plan and book your customer’s itinerary online. Then there’s the myTC app, which provides a seamless experience between you and your customer. But more about this later.

You get to spend more time with your family - and travel, of course

Jake Cassar, one of our top performers from Pascoe Vale South left his career as a store-based travel agent to become a Travel Counsellor and says it’s the best thing he’s done. He spent two years researching the right business to get into and finally decided on Travel Counsellors.

It just made sense. Since he already had experience in the travel industry, he decided to build a business out of it.

Running your own business is difficult, you still need to put in the hours, but it’s a lot more flexible. “Working remotely, I’m able to spend more time with my family,” he said.

Of course, there’s also the travel perks. As a Travel Counsellor, Jake is able to do a lot more travelling than before. Going on Familiarisation Trips or ‘Fam Trips’ as they are called, is all part of the business, and you can bring the family along too.

The point of difference for Travel Counsellors is our focus on people and being able to recommend truly customised solutions. What better way to do that than through first-hand experience from the holidays and adventures you’ve had yourself?

Earn more with our worldwide DMC partnerships

Travel Counsellors work directly with Destination Management Companies or DMCs - a specialist company that operates ‘on the ground’ in a particular destination, providing specific local knowledge and support. For example, meeting and greeting customers at the airport, or escorting them on one-of-a-kind excursions.

By having these direct relationships with DMC partners, our Travel Counsellors can offer customers genuinely unique experiences. This simple business model also enables you to cut out the middle person and raise your margins, while still offering your customers highly competitive prices.

Let our tools empower you to do more

At Travel Counsellors, we are very proud of our technology and have invested over $12 million to build one of the most technologically advanced travel booking systems on the planet.

Top-notch customer service is our focus but we believe you need technology to make this happen. As a Travel Counsellor you will have access to the technological capacity of a world-leading travel company on your laptop.

Here are some of the tools you can use: Phenix dashboard - an integrated booking system that allows you to search over 440,000 accommodation, flight and travel options, and send bespoke itineraries to your customers. myTC App - an app you and your customers share, enabling users to send messages, get alerts, and communicate seamlessly. TC message board - an intranet and messaging platform that allows you to tap into the knowledge and experience of more than 1900 Travel Counsellors around the globe.

Join our community of Travel Counsellors

Travel Counsellors is big on people - both our customers as well as our Travel Counsellors. When you join us, you join a community of people who believe in work-life balance and share a passion for travel.

We are focussed on creating the most authentic and wonderful memories for our customers, and through a range of networks, social events, incentive programs and online tools we are constantly supporting and helping each other.

94% of our Travel Counsellors say they would not return to their previous jobs. Jake Cassar is one of them. “In a retail store I was just a number,” he says. “Here, it’s like family.”

Travel Counsellors is a people-centric travel consultancy that’s big on technology. To find out more about becoming a Travel Counsellor, give us a call or drop us a line.