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Kate Trickett: The Rule of Three

Geelong-based, mother-of-three Kate Trickett made a life-changing leap eight years ago when she decided to become a Travel Counsellor.

After studying Tourism Management, Kate worked in various tourism roles including stints working in Alice Springs and Darwin. But after having children, Kate was looking for a role that gave her flexibility. Having previously worked at Flight Centre, Kate knew she couldn’t return to working in a retail environment.

“Working in a retail travel agency wasn’t for me. There was too much pressure and focus on figures,” says Kate, before adding “…who wants to be stuck in an office focusing on money, when you can work for yourself and focus on clients and their experiences?”

Taking the leap to join Travel Counsellors wasn’t easy and she thought about it carefully before committing. But since joining, she hasn’t looked back.

“I started without a database, so I was pretty keen to get out there and find connections to grow my database of people to market to. The support from head office was fantastic, and my BDM helped me with ideas to get my name out there,” says Kate, who managed to build a solid network of clients in her first year.

“My business grew so much faster than I expected. I found that if you follow the process and take the leap, it will work for you, but you have to put yourself out there.”

Kate reflects that Travel Counsellors has given her so much, including three major benefits starting with an F: Flexibility, Financial Freedom and Friendships.


Instead of being locked into a life of commuting and working rostered hours, Kate makes use of the flexibility that comes with being a Travel Counsellor. “I love having the opportunity to be there for my kids on things like sports days. I’ve been a parent-helper in the classroom for all my kids. Many parents wish they could do it too, but they can’t because they have to work. I really appreciate having the choice and opportunity to be there for my kids,” says Kate.

Kate also enjoys having the flexibility to work in the way she wants to. With the freedom to work the days and hours she wants, she’s able to meet clients for a coffee or drop by their home to personally hand over their travel documents before a trip. It’s these personal touches that keep clients returning to Kate every time they need to book a trip.

Financial Freedom

Travel Counsellors has also given Kate financial stability in her life. Since becoming a Travel Counsellor, Kate has achieved a few major financial goals that she’s set herself, including buying a house and funding a big overseas trip. In October last year, Kate spent four weeks travelling around the USA with her family, a holiday she describes as “amazing.”

“Being a Travel Counsellor has helped me achieve major life goals. I couldn’t have done a massive trip like that if I was working in an office in a 9 – 5 role. I was able to make enough money as a Travel Counsellor to fund the trip, and of course, I was able to access great rates, which brought the cost down,” explains Kate.


Kate believes that one of the upsides of being a Travel Counsellor is the amazing connections she’s forged with other Travel Counsellors.

“I love the friends that I’ve made. Even though we’re spread all over the country, we’re really close. Actually, one of the people I’m closest to is a Travel Counsellor who lives in South Africa. We met on a prize trip years ago, and even though I haven’t seen her since that trip, we still catch up on social media and chat on Skype. I didn’t expect to make friends in other countries through Travel Counsellors, but I’m so glad I have,” says Kate.

She believes that it’s this sense of community that sets Travel Counsellors apart from the rest.

“Travel Counsellors really does feel like one big family working together - not competing against each other. I’ve never felt isolated or alone. I don’t think I could ever go back to working in an office,” reflects Kate.

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