MyTC App: Revolutionising the travel experience for travellers and agents

Any hands-on travel agent will want to offer the best possible service for their customers. As the world’s largest travel franchise, so do we. The MyTC App is ground-breaking innovative tech, designed for purpose - to improve the travel experience from start to finish for agents and travellers alike. Here’s how it works.

Why the MyTC App?

The MyTC App is the first of its kind and the very latest in travel technology. Created after in-depth consultation with travel industry experts APADMI, the app has helped our agents see a 25% increase in travel bookings, when quotes go through the app. Through an intuitive UX design and clever functionality the app gives our agents’ customers the convenience of carrying their travel counsellor in their pocket; enabling them to book holidays, make changes to their itinerary and plan their next holiday - all from a simple tap of their mobile phone. The TC App is serious technology. At Travel Counsellors, we want to do everything we can to help our counsellors meet their customers’ needs. This is why we invest in our tech. , stay on top of the latest developments, and create products and services that keep up with demands. We listen to our agents, and our technology solutions reflect what you want and need in order to provide superior service.

What are the features that make the app successful?

The MyTC App is packed with a range of benefits not available anywhere else. These features and functions make life easier for travellers and their agents.

For the customer:

1. First of its kind

Many travel companies use off-the-shelf tech solutions. These out-of-the-box solutions fall short, as they have no input from the people using the app everyday, they can never truly meet the needs of both customers and travel agents. Instead, we created a tailored, bespoke solution that was exclusively available to Travel Counsellors customers, and spoke directly to their needs. This cutting-edge technology is completely owned by us and regularly receives updates based on direct feedback from our counsellors and their customers.

2. Free to Download

The MyTC App is completely free to download, with no cost to either the customer or the travel counsellor. And, as it’s available for both iOS and Android, all smartphone users can access it.

3. Easy to Use

The simple, intuitive design has been created with ease of use in mind. Even a customer who isn’t particularly tech-savvy can quickly learn to use the different features. The MyTC App is also available online or offline, so customers can use the app at any time, anywhere in the world.

4. Attractive and interactive

A highlight for many travellers is witnessing the picturesque scenery of holiday destinations. The MyTC App incorporates stunning images and interactive videos, giving travellers a real taste of what to expect from their destination. This also includes detailed hotel information so they can choose exactly the kind of place they want to stay.

5. Documents at Hand - in One Safe Place

The MyTC App enables its users to keep all their important documents together in one convenient place, including travel documentation, flight information, hotel bookings and more. What’s more, these documents can be accessed online or offline, at anytime and in any location. The app also does its bit for the environment by helping customers go paperless.

6. Flight Alerts in Real-time

The app will (in real time) notify travelers of any flight delays, cancellations, and departure gate changes. The MyTC App has been known to provide updates before even airport staff have had a chance to find out. One customer was informed by the app that her flight was delayed, even though there had been no announcement and she could not get any information at the gate. By informing her of the length of the delay, the app helped her get her flight.

7. Safe Way to Pay

The MyTC App makes traveling easy with safe and secure payway. Travellers can make bookings and pay for them within the app. Pay as you go exists for travelers who would like to add-on meals, excursions and and any other elements to their itinerary, once they are already travelling. This gives travelers a protected way to build more enjoyable travel experiences on-the-go.

8. Saves all Travel History

The customer’s entire travel history is saved on the app. This gives them a lasting record of where they have been and what they did. These details can also be shared with friends and family to provide inspiration for their future holidays.

9. It’s connected to social media

The MyTC App offers social media connectivity. This makes it quick and easy for customers to share their travels with friends and acquaintances across all the different social media platforms. It also allows customers to share their location with their loved ones, should the need ever arise.
10. It makes it easy to contact their travel counsellor The app lets customers contact their travel counsellor with a single tap. The agent’s contact details are stored in the app so that you can call or email them from anywhere at any time. This creates a smoother, more relaxing holiday experience for customers.

For the travel counsellor:

1. Online Business Card

Customers can share your business card directly from the MyTC App. This gives them an easy way to pass your contact details to their family, friends and wider network. As a result, you are likely to boost and increase your business.

2. Easy Integration with Booking System

All our innovations at Travel Counsellors are designed to save you time and make your life easier as an agent. The MyTC App integrates with the Phenix booking system so everything is updated in real-time. This means no double-handling or putting in extra hours – you can sort out bookings from your phone, no matter where you are.

3. Everything in One Place

With unique two-tiered functionality, the app offers both business and leisure travel options all in one place. This makes it quicker and easier for you to offer customers the specific travel experiences they are looking for. And if your customer is uncomfortable using a smartphone, they can access the same features offered in the MyTC App through our customer portal on a desktop computer.

4. Technology Owned by You

As part of our franchise, our agents co-own the MyTC App and all the other technology we invest in. And we invest heavily in our tech. With a $12M investment in technology in the last year alone, we build solutions that are cutting-edge and useful for our agents and their customers. App updates are done frequently by our 90-strong in-house tech team to ensure a secure, functional,and up-to-date experience.


At Travel Counsellors we place great value on customer service, building powerful tech that can play an integral part in enabling better travel experiences. With its myriad of functions, this exciting app gives our agents a clear competitive advantage.

If you would like to know more about how you can run a home-based travel business with freedom and flexibility, whilst being supported by a friendly, specialist travel community contact us today.