Now Australian travel agents can make accounting a thing of the past

Being a travel agent is exciting and rewarding, but it takes a lot of time and effort to build a successful travel business and reliable customer base. So, wouldn’t it be great if you could spend more time on the aspects of the business you love, without having to concentrate on mundane tasks like doing your accounts?

Travel Counsellors make this possible, through a unique system of user-friendly technology and expert support.

Support, every step of the way

At Travel Counsellors we understand that to create a successful business which cuts through the competition and offers standout value to your customers, can be a challenge. In order to assume the lead, travel agents need to be proficient at juggling a large number of time sensitive and cost sensitive activities for their customers. Time which would be much easier spent, without the hours required on unpleasant administrative tasks.

We have you covered. With end to end comprehensive support for home-based travel agents; we offer assistance across business administration, finance, marketing, IT, and everything in between. This is because, as your business grows, we grow with you.

We are different from other operators. We want you to succeed, and invest heavily in providing the top quality support you need to get the very best results. This leaves you free to spend your time building a reputation for excellent service and quality.

Your accounts, taken care of!

We back you up with an expert admin team, who can take care of the many day-to-day aspects of running your travel business, including the accounts. These are real people, not robots or a computer program, and they will make sure your payments are made and all the relevant financial information is in order at all times.

Credit, with no interest

As you may know, some home-based travel agents are required to have their own credit cards which they need to use to pay suppliers and also then have to go on and reconcile themselves when making bookings for their customers. As a Travel Counsellor, we take care of this for you so you are never at risk of using your own personal credit card and you’re not having to spend valuable time on admin. When a Travel Counsellor makes a travel booking using the technology of Phenix, the payment is taken care of automatically. And when they book a product outside of the Phenix booking system, our specialist accounts team in Head Office will reconcile the accounts and ensure that supplier payments are made on time.

This service costs nothing out of your own pocket and gives you the best possible chance of building a successful travel business. Imagine having someone else take care of all your payments!

The latest travel technology

Our technology systems are second to none, starting with the Phenix digital platform which has revolutionised travel booking. The system makes it unbelievably easy for you to create bespoke travel experiences for your customers, selecting flights, accommodation and services to build a totally unique holiday itinerary. Or, if your customer prefers, you can act as a more traditional travel agent by using a number of reliable third-party suppliers approved by us.

We also offer the myTC app which your customers can use to get the most out of their travel experiences with you, and manage or re-engage your services with ease from their mobile device, or their desktop..

You are our community

Travel Counsellors is dedicated to being a highly supportive organisation. Running your own business can sometimes be lonely, so we offer a great community who understand your experiences and can support you whenever you need it. You’ll get to meet other travel experts in the same position as you, creating a sharing and enabling culture and making you feel like part of something special!

With the right help and support and community, you can build an outstanding travel business providing the most memorable and personalised service, no matter what type of holidays and destinations your customers choose. You can spend time on the things that matter and have a supportive team behind you to take care of the less interesting, more time-consuming aspects like admin and accounts.

Your job as a travel expert is to provide the best possible experiences for your customers. Our job is to do this for our customers – in other words, our agents, like you. We know that our success depends on your success, so we want to give you everything you need to achieve your dreams. Contact our careers team to take the next step in your career.