Time is money. Our tech saves you time, so you can make more money as a travel agent.

In today’s fast paced world where information, products and services are constantly available at our fingertips, the modern reality is time equals money.

This makes travel agents who embrace rather than fight time-saving technology, better suited for communicating with clients and meeting their needs. With self-booking platforms often providing customers with little to no protection when things go wrong, Travel Counsellors have found a way to balance technology and exceptional service, and it’s saving them time and making them money.

Clients expect travel agents to make full use of technology

Like it or not, today’s customers are accustomed to using technology for flight, tour and accommodation bookings. And when they do reach out to a travel agent for their services, they’ll expect the same but with an extra level of convenience and service.

This means that all travel professionals simply must be up to date with the latest technology or they’re not going to survive. The question is, how do agents leverage technology in a way that can make them money and give them an edge over self-booking platforms?

How technology is helping travel agents make more money

The answer lies in the balance between streamlining operating costs, implementing cutting edge technology and providing quality service.

This can help make travel agents money in a variety of ways.

Social media

Social media is a convenient, cost effective and proven marketing tool for travel agents that also acts as a communication tool with their customers.

Social media helps you make money by:

  • Building an organic audience for free, saving money on marketing expenses
  • Showcasing referrals and case studies to attract more customers
  • Handling large volumes of inquiries so you can give a better customer experience and save time returning emails

Online booking apps/websites

When a client books a holiday through you, there are an infinite number of transport, accommodation, airline and tour options that could make up the perfect itinerary. In the past, sifting through these could be a lengthy process that took time away from helping other clients. With web technology, all of these options can be quickly and efficiently filtered so that you can create the ultimate itinerary and still have plenty of time to help others.

All in all, technology is helping travel professionals make more money because they can:

  • Save time - meaning they can increase the volume of their customers
  • Market themselves - using social media which is cheaper than traditional marketing and often free to use
  • Provide a better service - because they can access the best deals and services quickly and efficiently

Our technology: Phenix

Travel Counsellors wanted to take the very best of what web technology had to offer and turn it into an easy-to-use interface that gives our agents a competitive edge. Not only is Phenix a fully integrated booking platform with access to thousands of suppliers and products but it makes creating bespoke itineraries quicker and easier than ever.

What is Phenix?

Phenix is Travel Counsellors in-house booking platform that allows you to effortlessly compare accommodation, flights and transportation, attractions, tours and more to get the best price for your customers. Through our 1000+ direct contracts with major suppliers and more than 30 trusted DMC partners around the world, agents in the Travel Counsellor network can benefit from our years of global buying power while adding their own touch of local expertise.

How does Phenix help travel agents?

With Phenix, Travel Counsellors conversion rates have increased by a staggering 25%.

  • Everything you need is in one easy to use, integrated system
  • Get the best price with automated price comparison and access to 1000s of trusted suppliers
  • Flights, accommodation, tours etc are all in the one place
  • Create bespoke quotes for your customers in a flash

Phenix takes all the positives of a self-booking platform but eliminates untrustworthy vendors, complicated booking systems and multiple interfaces, saving you time and improving your commission rates. Once you’ve created the perfect itinerary for your customer they can conveniently access everything they need from the myTC app, seamlessly improving their customer experience and your chance for repeat business.

Our technology: myTC App

It feels like there’s an app for everything these days. And if you’re busy travelling there’s nothing more convenient than accessing all your travel information from the one location in your phone.

Unfortunately for many travellers, this is just a pipe dream and they have to juggle different supplier websites and jump between flight, accommodation and tour apps. Not only is this confusing but it can lead to devastating mistakes being made, such as flights booked on the wrong date or activities double booked.

Travel Counsellors wanted to make booking and managing itineraries as simple and as accessible for customers as possible, so we created the myTC App.

What is the myTC app?

The myTC app acts as a client’s personal travel agent that they can conveniently carry around in their pocket wherever they travel! After you’ve set up a customer with their bespoke itinerary they can:

  • Make changes to their itineraries from their mobile phone
  • Keep all their important documents in the one place and access them on or offline
  • Receive flight alerts and itinerary updates
  • Access their account through a desktop if their mobile is lost/stolen
  • Have a holistic overview of their trip without the confusion of jumping between websites and other apps

How does myTC help travel agents make money?

  • Your customer has a better experience which encourages repeat business and referrals
  • Your contact details are saved in the app making it easy for customers to pass on to others
  • Saves you time because customers can access all their information and only have to contact you in the case of unforeseen circumstances
  • myTC really showcases the benefits of travel agents over self-booking sites. Your customers will become your biggest advocates meaning you can spend less money on marketing

If you want to succeed in the travel industry, you don’t just have to get with the times, you have to be ahead of them. At Travel Counsellors we invest heavily in our technology to give all of our franchisees a competitive edge on the competition. In 2018 alone, we invested over $11 million into our technology so that you can have access to the most intuitive, effective and customer pleasing products available on the market.

Through Phenix and myTC, you’ll provide customers the convenience they’ve come to expect from self-booking sites, with the highest standard of customer service that only a travel agent can provide.

Not only will it save you time and increase your conversion rate by 25%, you’ll end up with customers who’ll call on you for life.

Ready to chat about your future as a Travel Counsellor? Get in touch with one of our friendly team members, today.