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Meet Tracy Dodsworth: A TC with a head for business

After leaving a retail travel agency role, Travel Counsellor Tracy Dodsworth has built a solid corporate travel business from her home in regional NSW. Being based in the coastal township of Coffs Harbour is ideal for Tracy, a highly experienced travel industry veteran who specialises in servicing corporate clients.

“It takes an email just as long to reach me at my home in Coffs Harbour than it does to reach a big corporate building in North Sydney. The difference is, you get something personal with Travel Counsellors,” explains Tracy, who uses email, the phone and Skype to stay in contact with her clients.

Beginning her career in the travel industry when she was 18, Tracy worked in hotels before joining a retail travel agency where she stayed for 12 years. After a loyal corporate client suggested she go out on her own, Tracy took the plunge and joined Travel Counsellors, taking that client with her.

Through referrals, Tracy now has corporate clients based in Coffs Harbour, Sydney, regional Victoria and Tasmania. Her clients operate in a wide variety of sectors and include two private schools, a major fast food chain, a data security company, and agriculture business.

These clients keep Tracy busy with bookings for conferences, site inspections, interstate and overseas school trips and more throughout the year. Despite having several corporate clients to keep happy, Tracy reflects that she has more work/life balance than she did while working in a retail role.

“I work fewer hours than I did when I worked in the retail travel agency. Back then, I used to get there at 8 in the morning and if I left by 8pm it was a minor miracle. I now work from home 8.30am to 6pm, Monday to Friday,” explains Tracy, who loves being there to cook dinner for her kids at night.

Due to the nature of her client mix, Tracy is on call for emergency assistance 24/7, but rarely gets emergency calls coming through. She’s also got the duty office as backup, which gives her peace of mind.

“The duty office take complete ownership of any issues. I always know no matter where my clients are in the world, no matter what time zone they are in, there is someone there to help them if a flight is cancelled,” says Tracy, who adds that the support team in the Melbourne office are “amazing” and help her business run smoothly.

Apart from travelling to see her clients face-to-face once a quarter, Tracy regularly takes advantage of the many prize trips and educational trips on offer, with journeys to Scandinavia and California in her immediate future. She believes that the sense of family at Travel Counsellors is what makes the company standout.

“It takes a special type of person to bite the bullet, back yourself and start your own business. And you need special people there as your support mechanism as well, which is what we’ve got at Travel Counsellors. It’s great knowing that other Travel Counsellors will always be there to help you, congratulate you and have a friendly chat. We live and breathe this culture, and revere it and protect it too,” says Tracy.

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