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Travel Counsellors Love to Travel

It’s no secret that many travel agents got into the industry with the belief of always being to travel. The idea of doing a job that allows you to research wonderful or far flung destinations, plan itineraries and unique experiences for your customers and get to explore for themselves every now and then is a dream job for many.

People who work in travel are truly passionate about travelling. They love to talk about it all the time and are constantly thinking of their next holiday. And Travel Counsellors are no different! We had a chat some Travel Counsellors about the amazing holidays they have been on since joining Travel Counsellors.

Jake: One of the reasons Jake decided to join a home-based network was because of his need to travel. Working in a store only gave him four weeks annual leave, which simply is not enough for this intrepid traveller; “I hated having to knock back famils because I didn’t have any annual leave – it was so disappointing to have to say no. Since becoming a Travel Counsellor, I’ve gone to Europe on an Evergreen river cruise, I went to Thailand and New Zealand, I just got back from Canada on famil with Air Canada and Rocky Mountaineer (which was unbelievable!) and I’m doing an Arctic Cruise in June with Quark. I can do it all because I don’t have to ask for time off – I am my own boss. I’ve realised, own travels inspire my customers and best of all, I can work the entire time I’m away – It’s always business as usual.

Donna: I’m going to Antarctica with Quark in November, and I am bursting at the seams with excitement. It’s a real bucket-list-holiday for me. I’m going with Lani (Travel Counsellor) and I know we’re going to have an amazing time. I’m running an information session on Antarctica too, because I have a lot of customers who are really interested in to the White Continent.

Samantha: The most memorable trip I have ever been on since being a Travel Counsellor was a Thailand famil in October 2018 – we stayed at Elephant Hills and it was a truly unforgettable experience. It’s also been a wonderful conversation starter, and I’ve had a couple customers that have booked to stay there after seeing my photos on Facebook.

Lisa: Since joining Travel Counsellors in May 2018, Lisa has been to in 2018 been on famil to the USA, a cruise with Carnival and won a Travel Counsellors global challenge to Mauritius in 3 weeks. On Travel Counsellors, she says “Dream job you say? Yes it is!”

Travel is so important when you’re working as a travel expert, but we seldom get to do it if we’re working business hours and for someone else. When you’re your own boss as a Travel Counsellor, the opportunities to travel are endless. After all, what’s the fun in being a travel agent if you don’t get to experience the amazing world for yourself? Call our careers team on 1300 889 123 if you’re interested in becoming a Travel Counsellor.