What do one of the world’s biggest brands say about us?

Rip Curl: The Ultimate Surfing Company

Established on the Surf Coast of Victoria in 1969, Rip Curl is the world’s biggest surfing company. From apparel to competitive surfing, the iconic brand has over 300 stores, with its headquarters in Torquay, Victoria and is a global household name.

When it comes to travel, Rip Curl’s plans change with the tide. And as Neil Ridgway, Chief Brand and Marketing Officer emphatically puts it, “this company travels everywhere.” Famous for its ‘Search’ trips, Rip Curl travel to every corner of the earth in search of the perfect wave. The swell dictates the destination and sometimes, the team have under 48 hours to get there.

Rip Curl’s unique relationship with Travel Counsellor, Meagan Patterson, is a shining example of how well a Travel Counsellor can look after a big company’s travel plans. She’s professional but personal, structured but agile, can walk in and out of Rip Curl and is available to them at any given point in time. Meagan’s established relationship with the company is one that is built on trust, enabled by Travel Counsellors travel technology (Phenix and myTC app) and the 24/7 support of a local Head Office team and the global Duty Office in Manchester.

When it comes to taking care of business travel, Travel Counsellors really is the best.

Hear from Rip Curl CMO, Neil Ridgway...

“She thinks about us as customers, and makes sure we get what we need – that’s clear as a bell to me in the way she operates with us.” Click to learn more about how Meagan Patterson manages the travel for the biggest surfing company in the world.

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