Work smarter, not harder: Why Travel Counsellors are the most productive agents in the business

We’re all told to ‘work smarter not harder’ but what does that actually mean in the real world? For Travel Counsellors, working smarter, not harder is all about employing a range of productivity hacks made possible by a supportive team who love nothing more than to see them kick goals in their business.

Strong foundations = strong businesses

Feeling unsupported is one of the biggest reasons people feel unsatisfied by their job. That’s why the Travel Counsellors Head Office team go above and beyond to provide unparalleled levels of support to Travel Counsellors working across Australia.

A strong foundation is the key to working in a highly productive way. With a team of experts working on all the time-consuming, behind-the-scenes activities that go into running a business, Travel Counsellors are free to focus on serving their customers.

From marketing to technology, administration, payments and more, an invaluable level of tangible support is provided to Travel Counsellors. Then there’s the assistance that comes in other forms. Providing free training, moral support, business coaching and a listening ear on those challenging days, the support that comes from head office really does make a huge difference to the productivity of Travel Counsellors.

Superior systems make all the difference

From a revolutionary booking system to a game-changing app, Travel Counsellors have some of the best tech in the business right at their fingertips.

Built in-house by a team of experts, Phenix is a highly efficient quote and book system that is refined and updated constantly to ensure it’s the very best it can be. Also developed in-house, the myTC app is a top time-saving tool that enables Travel Counsellors to provide everything customers need for their travels in one, easily-accessible place. This cuts down on the time spent chasing up lost itineraries or double-checking bookings.

Understandably, learning the ins and outs of new technology and systems can be daunting. That’s why Travel Counsellors receive plenty of training and can call through to an expert at any time of the day (or night) if they need help.

Travel Counsellors are a clever bunch, so they tend to get the hang of new systems pretty quickly, meaning that they start seeing the productivity benefits almost immediately. Working more efficiently means Travel Counsellors can get more done in less time, which equals either more time to spend on finding new customers and developing their business, or more leisure time to spend with their family and friends. A win-win either way!

Save time by cutting the commute

A 2011 report showed that Australians spent 4.4 hours of their working week commuting. That equals 53 minutes each day spent travelling to and from work. Unsurprisingly, Sydneysiders had the longest commuting times.

Instead of wasting time sitting in traffic or waiting for that late-running train to finally arrive, Travel Counsellors mostly work from their home office. Gone are the days of running out the door to catch the bus, most Travel Counsellors have a commute time of less than a minute.

Saving hours of time each week, Travel Counsellors can reinvest that time into their business and spend it where it matters most: with their customers. Over the course of a year, this represents a huge productivity boost, with hundreds of extra hours to spend on drumming up new business.

Of course, there are other alternatives to working from a home office. When they need a change of scenery, some Travel Counsellors walk down to their local café and work from there. Others set up their laptop in a co-sharing workspace. Some are even digital nomads, working from different spaces all over the world. Either way, being freed from commuting into a retail space or office represents huge productivity gains.

Going with the flow

Working set hours defined by someone else just isn’t for everyone. Some people are night owls, who switch into gear when the sun goes down. Others are early risers, who love getting stuck into work before everyone else is awake. Some enjoy working on the weekends to get ahead, and others like working full-on for a week then taking it easier the next. Travel Counsellors have the freedom and flexibility to choose their own workflow – a much more productive way to work. Instead of sitting at a desk wishing the hours away, Travel Counsellors set their own work hours and make every minute count.

If you’re a travel agent ready to say good-bye to spending hours own settling your accounts, creating documentation and working in a store to a life of freedom and flexibility, powered by world-leading technology and the best support available, contact us at Head Office on 1300 889 123