5 ways you can make your customers dreams come true as a Travel Counsellor

In our recent webinar, we spoke to Louella Fisher, Head of Purchasing and Partnerships, and Travel Counsellor, Natalie Poat, about the huge range of products you can sell as a Travel Counsellor. Most importantly, our franchisees can sell the product which is exactly right for the customer, they wow their customers with a level of service they can’t get elsewhere and they keep them coming back time and time again!

So, how do they do it? Here are just 5 things we learnt in the webinar…

1. Travel Counsellors can sell exactly what their customers want

As a Travel Counsellor, there are no restrictions on what you can sell. We encourage you build personal relationships with your customers so you can understand exactly what they want from their travel experiences, and what they don’t. Only then can you create the perfect holiday that is tailor-made just for them, rather than a package from a brochure! Travel Counsellor Natalie Poat, tells us how she does “everything from European camping trips and cruises, to six-month round-the-world tailor-made trips”.

2. Travel Counsellors make sure everything is taken care of

From airport lounge passes, transfers and car hire to action-packed excursions and activities, you can make sure your customer has everything they need and want! We have many direct contracts with suppliers, so you won’t have to rely on third parties who don’t understand your customers the way you do. Whether you want to provide a special treat in the hotel room on arrival, or arrange a privately-led tour by a local expert, as a Travel Counsellor you can do just that.

3. Travel Counsellors have a technological advantage

Through Phenix, our ‘product source’ as Travel Counsellor, Natalie Poat, calls it, everything is made simple. It’s a one-stop-shop where you can combine flights, accommodation, transfers, attractions and more to create the perfect holiday. It’s unrestrictive so you can tailor-make holidays to your customer’s delight. Plus, by using Phenix, our Travel Counsellors have complete control over their bookings, they can offer competitive prices for their customers, and they are in control of the margin they make.

4. Travel Counsellors create truly unique holidays

With the flexibility that Phenix brings, and in partnership with a growing number of Destination Management Companies (DMCs), Travel Counsellors can provide unique experiences around the world. By working with DMCs, Travel Counsellors can have a direct, two-way conversation with someone who is on the ground in that region. We understand that you can’t have travelled everywhere, so advice from local experts is invaluable to help Travel Counsellors create holidays like no other.

5. Travel Counsellors love their job

For many of our Travel Counsellors, being able to provide first-class customer service is what they’re passionate about, and we know that happy Travel Counsellors make happy customers! So, what makes Travel Counsellor, Natalie Poat, so happy?

“I’d got to the point where I was being told what I had to sell: what was right for the company not the customer, so I decided I needed to make a change and it was the best decision I ever made! From a home-life perspective I can be here for my son, financially it has transformed our lives and I wouldn’t have the life I’ve got now. The educational trips are amazing, the support is outstanding, and I love just being able to do the job I joined the travel industry to do!”

In partnership with TWX, Travel Counsellor, Richard Thompson, made dreams come true for Nadia Clarke. Watch the short video to find how the world was made accessible for someone with complex accessibility needs.

If like Natalie and Ricahrd, you’re ready to make your customers dreams come true, get in touch to find out how, as a Travel Counsellor, you can!

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