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Christian Mascarenhas: "My life has changed for the better in every way"

Christian Mascarenhas joined us in 2017, moving across his family-owned business to Travel Counsellors.

With a mix of business and leisure clients, Christian won both Best Corporate Newcomer and Best Leisure Newcomer in his first year.

Granted, very few people have an up-and-running business to migrate over, but Christian’s story applies to all.

That’s because all Travel Counsellors benefit from the same tools, technology, flexibility and support we provide.

Phenix allows Christian to work quicker, meaning he can sell more.

The backing of Head Office frees him up to focus on his customers.

And the unlimited earning potential brings only benefits for Christian and his family.

Keeping the legacy alive: Christian Mascarenhas

In 2017, after 43 years as an independent travel agent, Christian decided to migrate his family-owned travel agency to Travel Counsellors, becoming the first Travel Counsellor based in Gibraltar. He hasn't looked back since.

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