Corporate Travel Counsellor Mark achieves Gold in less than a year

We recently caught up with Corporate Travel Counsellor, Mark Buckley, to celebrate him hitting our Gold criteria - less than a year after trading in working for another Travel Management Company to set up his own franchise with us. Find out how he got there and how you could join our community of high-performing, caring travel professionals.


Hi Mark! Congratulations on achieving Gold! How did it feel to reach such a prestigious milestone?

It was a great relief. It’s such a stretch target that I was never sure I was going to make it. There was a sense of pride as well. Achieving goals is always a happy moment.

What does being a Gold Travel Counsellor mean to you?

To me, it’s recognition of some of the long hours I put in, as well as being an affirmation that taking the leap from working at another TMC to start my own business was not ill-founded. The Gold trips and dinners are a very nice ‘thank you’ from the Support Hub.

What are your top tips for achieving Gold?

Be there for clients at least from 9-5, and if you’re away, be prepared to keep an eye on urgent emails. Remember that every small win is a win. I won a big account by taking care of the small details – which led to a bigger win. The main thing is to keep your customers happy. Don’t say no to anything – clients get told ‘no’ by all the internet sites. Go the extra mile for them, even if it means getting some admin help.

Did you access any of our wraparound support to help you achieve Gold?

Collaborating on accounts with other franchisees has made a huge difference, as has the support of my mentor. I also did an hour’s worth of coaching with the Business Coaching team.

What are your next set of goals for your business?

I want to expand my team and increase the number of accounts I work on. I also plan to use some admin help and I can create time to chase new business and grow my portfolio.

Are you an experienced corporate travel professional who wants to make the switch to running your own business? We’re always looking to strengthen our community with people who are committed to delivering the exceptional levels of client care that we’re renowned for. If you’d like an informal chat about how Travel Counsellors could change your life, get in touch today.

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