Dubai flooding: How our 24/7 Duty Office helped Travel Counsellors save the day

Being a successful travel consultant is not just about planning the perfect trip. In reality, it's about what happens when things don't go to plan. We spoke to Travel Counsellor, Dave Bishop, who shared his first-hand experience with us on how our round-the-clock support is crucial during unexpected travel scenarios.

Dave Bishop

Could you start by talking about the situation you were faced with as the news came in about the rain and flooding in Dubai?

I had customers who were due to fly to Dubai in 24 hours and were concerned about delays or about getting stuck there. I also had corporate clients who were due to fly that day for meetings.

Our Duty Office had been carefully monitoring the situation and swiftly alerted me to any impacted bookings, meaning that I could reschedule flights, and amend meetings to minimise the impact on holidays or business trips.

Why is the duty office so valuable to Travel Counsellors? How does it help you care for your customers more than anyone else?

The Duty Office is the cornerstone of our support system. The team work 24/7 hours a day to make sure they are always at hand to address challenges —be it cancellations, strikes, natural disasters, or any other unexpected event that could impact our customers’ travel plans.

This allows us to rise above high street competitors who operate only within office hours or online agencies whose customer support is often reliant on AI or automated responses to decipher what a customer really needs support with. It’s when I can show customers the real value of booking with a Travel Counsellor and demonstrate how superior my service is – it’s much more than a simple transaction!

Aside from round-the-clock support for Travel Counsellors and your customers, what else do you think sets Travel Counsellors apart from other franchises?

We genuinely care - it is so important for me to make sure my clients have successful work trips and enjoyable holidays. So, when things go wrong (despite our best efforts, they can do!), then it’s time for our dedicated support teams to shine. They work diligently behind the scenes to save the day, which allows my customers to be very smug when they glide past customer service desk queues at the airport, or have in-resort problems resolved before other agents have even opened their call lines.

What makes your job so rewarding?

Running your own business is the most challenging thing I’ve ever undertaken (after parenting!). But, while there can be tough days, the satisfaction of sending clients away on fabulous journeys of discovery, or allowing corporate clients and their businesses to realise their full potential through a comprehensive travel policy, is really rewarding and makes me so happy.

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