“I love getting it right for my customers” – Hannah’s journey from recruiter to business owner

It’s been a fantastic few months for Hannah, having recently become one of our prestigious Gold Travel Counsellors. We chatted to her about her story so far to find out what she’s enjoying, how she’s built up her business, and why she’d recommend Travel Counsellors to anyone who wants to become their own boss.


Hi Hannah. Having come through our Travel Academy, what was your career previously?

I worked in recruitment for about ten years in various different roles. Initially I just focused on recruitment, but then I moved into an operations role which incorporated internal recruitment, training, marketing and events. I decided I wanted to do something different and work for myself, so that’s what led me to Travel Counsellors.

What do you enjoy most about being a Travel Counsellor?

Where do I start!? I love being the person that helps someone experience their dream holiday. Sometimes that’s a week on a sunbed at an all-inclusive in Turkey, and sometimes it’s a four-week tour adventuring around Sri Lanka. Whatever it is, it’s really important to that person and I love getting it right. I want them to have the most amazing time, and to enjoy it even more than they would have if they had booked it on their own.

How have you grown your business to where it is today?

I’m a huge proponent of social media. I’ve had some great bookings generated via Instagram and LinkedIn. I was also part of a local networking group during my first two years, which was really useful. As my business has become more established, I’ve had more and more recommendations and referrals. In fact, in the last 12 months, referrals have overtaken social media as my main source of business.

It’s great to hear your business is doing well – so well that you recently hit Gold! How did that feel?

It felt amazing! It was actually a bit of a shock. I knew I was close to achieving it but thought it may take a few more weeks. Then, my client messaged me at about 8pm on a Monday night wanting to book their trip urgently because they were worried about availability. It was a big booking with a great margin, so I was able to make up the last chunk of my target that night. After I sorted the booking I didn’t really know what do to because it was so late – so I had a glass of champagne and went to bed!

How have our head office teams contributed to your success?

The business coaches have been good for me when I’ve just needed bringing back on track. It can sometimes be difficult to stay completely focused and motivated when you work from home alone every day, but they’re great at helping you to refocus.

You’re also a mentor to some of our newer Travel Counsellors. How’s that going for you?

I love all of my mentees! The best bit is seeing them achieve and do so well. One of my really new mentees recently said to me that she couldn’t believe how much she knows now compared to when she launched her business six weeks ago. Even that small win is massive, because it’s so important to always look at how far you’ve come. I’ve made some great friendships with my mentees, and it’s really helped me to feel immersed in the Travel Counsellors community. The community is amazing – people are so helpful, kind, and generous with their knowledge and time.

That’s lovely to hear, Hannah. Finally, why would you recommend Travel Counsellors to anyone who wants to own their own business?

The fantastic reputation that Travel Counsellors has is really important. Customers trust the brand and that’s key when you’re trying to generate new customers and clients. It’s not a pyramid scheme or a social media marketing business masquerading as a travel company. It’s a well-respected organisation with a proven track record. The head office support is also very good, and the product portfolio is excellent.

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