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Hear from Business Development Travel Counsellor, Michael Copare

Michael Copare joined Travel Counsellors in September 2020 as a Business Development Travel Counsellor. Hear from Michael in his own words:

“I have worked in sales and business development the majority of my working life within various industries. I joined a major TMC in June 2018 and finally I felt that I found a career and not just a job.”

“Working in travel is exciting and make you feel that you are offering clients a real solution to a problem and for me that makes sales a lot more enjoyable and rewarding.”

“As a Business Development Travel Counsellor now I work with businesses to help them save time and money on their booking process. I assist companies in highlighting areas in which they can improve their day to day running of the business while providing the traveller with a high touch bespoke service.”

“No day is like the last. I have a list of clients who I communicate with regularly and I feel that I am an extension of their team. I enjoy working with new businesses, problem solving and working out if partnering together will offer the best solution for both them and Travel Counsellors.”

“In terms of what we offer to business clients, I’ve found that because Travel Counsellors are self-employed, it changes the mentality of people that you deal with and the business model offers clients travel assistances like no other on the market. The tagline ‘With us its personal’ really encapsulates why we are different to other TMC’s on the market; there is a level of accountability that I believe is unrivalled and that personal service allows us to offer a more tailored, high-touch offering that is unmatched by anyone else in the market.”

“Being a business owner, I work in a way that works for me. To be a successful Travel Counsellor you must be self-motivated, willing to face challenges and get back up and go again. This role is about putting in the effort and getting the rewards accordingly. I would advise anyone joining to set your own targets and don’t stop till you achieve them. Having worked in a very targeted, KPI driven environment previously, I have maintained an element of this and reflected that in what I want to achieve in my own business.”

“During the pandemic it has been difficult; selling a product that clients cannot use to the full degree in the current climate has its frustrations. However, with there being light at the end of the tunnel and by working on my relationships with clients I am starting to see businesses coming to me for advice and for quotes. By offering a consultative sell rather than a pushy, aggressive sale I am confident that the ground-work I have put in to-date will ultimately result in sales in the coming months.”

“My advice to those looking at becoming Business Development Travel Counsellors is: if you are willing to put in the work there is no company out there that will offer you a more supportive, welcoming and friendly opportunity than Travel Counsellors. This role is not simply ‘a job’; it is your business, your rules and if you are able to commit fully and work hard the rewards are there to be achieved.“

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