"The difference for a client when booking with me, is me" - Lisa Hillyard

Travel Counsellor Lisa Hillyard joined us in 1998 and has since become our all-time top leisure travel seller.

Hear from Lisa in her own words as she reflects on the legacy she's built and discusses the opportunities she sees in travel right now.

How did you build your business as a Travel Counsellor?

I joined Travel Counsellors in 1998, when I was one of just 30 franchisees, knowing this was a change of path for life. I have always been ambitious, and Travel Counsellors have provided me with a platform to scale my business and reap the rewards for it.

As a Travel Counsellor you are in control of your own destiny, and I don’t say that lightly, but when you love what you do as much as I do, you can’t do anything else.

Do you have access to all the luxury product you need?

I’m lucky enough to create many tailor-made luxury trips.

Travel Counsellors has a product team that works on our behalf to secure direct contracts and preferential rates with some of the most exclusive properties in the world. The likes of Sandy Lane and Raffles Singapore are available on our booking platform Phenix, along with villas, private jets, helicopters, yacht charter and every other element I need.

As I run my own business, I can tailor the way I work to suit my clients, however much or little they need from me. I choose to be available around-the-clock but the real beauty is knowing I have the support of our 24/7 Duty Office.

How did the pandemic affect your customers?

Many of my customers have continued to travel as far and as wide as possible throughout the pandemic, confident in the knowledge I’m only a phone call away.

It’s not all been plain sailing of course, there have been many re-books and amendments and you could think that is de-motivating, but to me it shows that clients are eager to travel. That has kept me going

What opportunities do you see in travel now?

To me it feels like we’ve gone full circle. Reminiscent of the early days of my 36 years in travel, when people would take the time to come into a shop and sit with me face-to-face, clients are now actively seeking out that same personalised experience from a travel expert.

The difference for a client when booking with me, is me.

My clients buy into me and trust me implicitly because I provide them with a service they cannot find anywhere else. I am certainly excited for the future of my business and I think anyone in the industry now should seriously consider how they can make the most of this opportunity for themselves.

"The TC community is a really special place to be"

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