How do I make my small business stand out from the crowd

A quick internet search of how to market your small business throws up lots of useful advice: use social media, advertise in a local paper, go out and meet people, just do something. But why rely on the same strategies that everyone else finds with a quick Google? Will that really set you apart?

Here we bring you five stories from Travel Counsellors around the globe, who have each found a truly unique way to market themselves.

Kate Matthews – UK Travel Counsellor

On Father’s Day, I organised a “Big Lunch” street party. The road was closed off from 12-7pm, we had seven live bands including my daughters band “The Rubellas” (catchy I know!).Plus the 80’s sensation Angie Brown. We had a magician, games, competitions, street art, food, a raffle with amazing prizes donated from local businesses, and more! I donated a holiday hamper with a £50 discount voucher, plus tickets to the West End show Wicked. The weather was glorious so we had a brilliant turn out. And of course, I had my Travel Counsellors stand to take lots of enquiries, and as the organizer I got to meet loads of people in my community. We also raised £900 for our local charity Bromley & Lewisham MIND, so a fantastic day all round!

Mandy Walsh – Ireland Travel Counsellor

I sponsor the t-shirts and vests for teams at my local CrossFit gym where I train. I get plenty of bookings from members of my gym and have sent an Irish Team to a big competition in the States. I also have got some super group Ski bookings from members of other CrossFit gyms. My largest to date was for 44 adults and plenty of honeymoons too, so my name is definitely getting out there in the CrossFit world (the fastest growing fitness activity after cycling!)

David Phillips – Australia Travel Counsellor

For three years, I’ve been doing a monthly ‘travel talk’ show on a local Community Radio station here in Melbourne. Not only does it get my name out there and generate lots of enquiries but the presenters Bob & Jean Rau have become clients of mine. They have booked 2 trips to the UK and we are currently working on another trip to Ireland and the UK. I have just hosted a golf group of 12 to Hua Hin, Thailand and am at present now working on putting together another 2 or 3 trips for local Golf Clubs in my region.

Linda Allen – UK Travel Counsellor

I attend a business networking group which has been set up by Willen Hospice in Milton Keynes. Besides the obvious networking opportunities, I have set up an agreement with the Hospice that they will recommend me, and in return, for every booking that quotes ‘Willen Hospice’ I will personally make a donation to the hospice. The Hospice is widely known and supported across my area so it’s a great opportunity to benefit the both of us.

Diane Bowman – Ireland Travel Counsellor

I have recently ordered a selection of travel brochures and magazines. I’ve stapled my business card to the front and put them in my local post office, hair dresser and beauticians. They’re great for people to flick through when standing in the queue or having their hair done. They are a great talking point leading to the classic ‘going anywhere nice on your holidays?’ question, and the hairdresser and beautician always go on to recommend me. Word of mouth is such a powerful tool for generating business, so it’s a simple but highly effective thing to do.

Finding customers is of course a huge concern for any new business owner, and it’s a question we get asked an awful lot here at Travel Counsellors. Our Marketing team provide a whole host of tools and advice to help Travel Counsellors grow their businesses, but nothing beats hearing it from the experts themselves!

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