How to build a business without limits

People join Travel Counsellors for many reasons, but unlimited earning potential and the ability grow your business to the size you want are of course appealing to everyone.

As standard, we support you with marketing campaigns, asking for referrals and we hold regular incentives and challenges to drive sales, but if you feel like your business needs an extra push, there is more you can do.

Here are just three proven ways we help Travel Counsellors to boost their businesses.

Go for Gold

This is just as it sounds; Travel Counsellors take part in a 2-day classroom-based session to drill down into the details of their business, with the aim of becoming a Gold Travel Counsellor.

As a group, led by our ILM-qualified Business Development team, they analyse and discuss what they find, set themselves stepwise goals and come up with a plan to achieve them.

Michelle Waters was the first Travel Counsellors to hit Gold on the revamped course.

“We looked at Phenix in great detail to make sure we were using all of its features to the fullest. I learnt to find the sweet spot between margin and volume of sales and although sometimes we have to discount, I always reconsider whether I really need to. I discovered a hunger in myself to get Gold and realised it is achievable to anyone who’s willing to work hard. I am so proud of what I have achieved in two and a half years. My business is up 39% this year and I couldn’t be happier.”

Accelerate your Business

Winning the “Best Sales Training” course at the Lenny Awards 2019, Travel Counsellors see an average of 14% business growth after completing our Accelerator programme.

Accelerator is aimed at any Travel Counsellor who wants to give their business a boost and is delivered through our e-learning platform, Coach.

The course looks at mindset, working smarter not harder, making the most of marketing, getting sales over the line, building the customer relationship, getting tech-savvy, becoming commercially minded and more; basically, everything it takes to be a successful Travel Counsellor

Jo Baldwin is a Gold Travel Counsellor, she said:

“The Accelerator course helped me achieve a better work life balance by improving my time management skills and prioritising the future growth of my business as well as balancing the day-to-day tasks. The course helped me shift my mindset, I now feel closer to my clients, use the phone much more and I am proactive and positive in the way I run my business.”

Gold Bootcamp

Held on board Celebrity Edge on her inaugural sailing, our first-ever Gold Bootcamp invited some of our highest performing franchisees to identify room for improvement in their already thriving businesses.

For these Travel Counsellors, the question is how can you do more when you’re already doing a lot?

With a focus on social media and marketing, we looked at ways to get more from the business they already have and time away from the desk with fellow Gold TCs meant they shared ideas for running their businesses more efficiently.

We also introduced ideas to flex their business model: employing staff, partnering with another TC to share business or pooling resources and working as a team.

TCs Rooftop Photo

Some franchisees join us with their sights firmly set on becoming a top-seller, whilst for others it takes a little longer to come into view.

One thing is for certain however, when you feel like your business needs a boost, we’ll be there to help.

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