How to build a corporate travel client base

One thing’s for certain when you make the decision to start your own corporate travel business - you’ll need to grow your client base from day one

But how do you do it?

Hear from some of our Brighton-based Business Travel Counsellors about the different ways they grew their client bases when they joined

1. You win new accounts yourself

Whether it’s through networking, LinkedIn, referrals or any other new business activity, Travel Counsellors are encouraged to approach new clients themselves.

Of course, you’re not alone in this: you’ll be trained by our in-house B2B Sales team, who can also support you with pitches and proposals further down the line. If you need support from someone with specialist expertise at a meeting, our team can help with that too.

You’ll have your own webpage and the work of our corporate marketing team to help you attract new clients.

Plus, you’ll have the experience of other Travel Counsellors to guide and support you.

2. Franchisees work with our head office to win ‘warm’ prospects

If you’ve scoped out an account you’d love to bring on board, you can pass the details over to our B2B Sales team to do the leg-work.

When that client comes on board, our team then hand the client back to the franchisee.

You’ve probably guessed this isn’t for free. We do alter the 60-40 commission split slightly for the first 12 months.

3. We win new accounts and pass them over to franchisees

Our in-house B2B Sales also work proactively to win accounts for the business.

We look for accounts that will value the personalised service Travel Counsellors provide and whose travel behaviours mean we can provide them with the product that is right for them, whilst making sure you’re compensated correctly for the value you’re adding.

We hand over the account to the most suitable Travel Counsellor franchisee, based on the client’s specifications, so we can’t guarantee that every Travel Counsellor will be given an account.

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