How we Protect our Customers When Disaster Strikes

In the past few weeks alone, the UK has seen airlines in crisis, Brexit providing a backdrop of uncertainty to every story and just today, travel fraud costing UK consumers £7 million.

Plus, who can forget drones, ash clouds, the unseasonable weather… the list goes on.

So how do we look after Travel Counsellors and their customers when disaster strikes?

Every holiday that Travel Counsellors sell is legitimate

We shouldn't have to clarify this, but with 53% of travel fraud cases relating to the sale of flight tickets and 25% to the sale of accommodation that doesn't exist, the risk of booking fradulent travel is very real.

What's more, the sale of fake holidays via social media pretty was much non-existent just 18 months ago, which means consumers are still being caught out by this relatively recent trend.

A service you can rely on

We only work with suppliers who have passed our strict vetting process, with the majority of our hotels, flights, cruise lines and more having been visited by our in-house teams themselves.

So when you book with a Travel Counsellor, you can rest assured the booking, and the flight, cruise, hotel room or whatever it may be, actually exists.

Duty Office

Our 24-hour duty office is constantly monitoring worldwide events such as adverse weather, strikes, natural disasters or any other kind of disruptive activity.

They inform Travel Counsellors if any of their bookings are affected and handle issues on a case-by-case basis to find the best solution for that customer.

Travel Counsellors can find alternatives and speak to the customers themselves, but the duty office can always step in to resolve the issue and inform the customer.

Crisis Team

Our Crisis Team are alerted and prepared whenever there is a chance of being called into action.

When Monarch airlines went into administration, they worked throughout Sunday and overnight, so that when the announcement was made at 4am on Monday morning, we were prepared to deal with the impact.

This proactive approach to helping our customers at all costs, saw many holidaymakers waking up on Monday morning to hear their bookings had already been sorted before they’d even seen the news.

Supplier failure

We offer 100% financial protection. Meaning in the event of supplier failure, our Financial Trust will protect the entire booking, even if only one component is affected.

This is different to ATOL, which only covers package holidays including a flight. We are also ATOL protected.

Travel Counsellor Packages

Travel Counsellors have the ability to act as a tour operator and create their own Travel Counsellor (TC) Packages.

If a TC Package booking is affected, we will always look for alternatives.

Of course, your customer can choose not to travel if they’re not satisfied with the alternatives. If that’s the case, we can offer a full refund for the TC Package so they can re-book for another trip.

Our approach to adversity

We are not in the business of abandoning customers or hitting them with avoidable costs. We’d much rather make sure they get an experience which will keep them booking with us for years to come.

That’s why when things do go wrong, Travel Counsellor franchisees work with head office to take the brunt of the impact, leaving the customer free to enjoy their holiday as much as possible.

Responsibility for our customers extends from a moral duty of care, where we approach each incident with a sense of humanity (instead of a ‘computer says no’ response) to offering multiple levels of financial protection for our customers.

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