How we're guiding Travel Counsellors through Brexit

It's safe to say that no-one is sure what is happening, or will happen, when it comes to Brexit.

And with so many mixed messages flying around as to how the travel industry will be affected, the story becomes even more confusing.

Positively, YouGov suggest that 76% of UK consumers are ‘no more or less likely’ to travel abroad in 2019, with some actively refusing to allow Brexit to prevent them from travelling.

However, market research giant, GfK, reported that bookings for summer 2019 were down 9% compared to last January.

According to KPMG, of 4,000 UK consumers, 58% believe travelling between the EU and the UK will be difficult and 55% expect flight delays and cancellations in the event of a ‘no deal’ Brexit.

As a result of all the uncertainty, travel consultants are being urged to provide more reassurance and be better prepared to tackle questions and concerns in order to get bookings over the line.

What are Travel Counsellors doing about it?

But, ramping up customer service and slashing prices as a knee-jerk reaction to slow sales is not a tactic Travel Counsellors are using.

Instead, putting people at the heart of what we do continues to underpin our every action.

For customers, that means receiving expert, impartial advice and personalised service from their Travel Counsellor.

For Travel Counsellors, it means continued regular communication from head office and the provision of materials to share with their customers, to help illustrate their expertise and genuine care.

And we must be doing something right as 2018 saw us celebrate our best-ever year, achieving over £600 million in sales and our 16th consecutive year of double-digit growth.

Hear from our customers

As the barrage of headlines continues with sales seeming to spike and plummet on a daily basis, it’s understandable that travel consultants might be feeling unsettled and vulnerable.

It’s our duty of care to ensure Travel Counsellors can maintain successful businesses with their customers’ money and experience being looked after, no matter what the political landscape looks like.

Two happy customers

Hear from two of Travel Counsellor Mel Hartley's customers, who praise her personalised service and travel expertise

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