‘It’s the best decision I ever made’ – how Travel Counsellors has changed Amy’s life

Back in February, we put the spotlight on Corporate Travel Counsellor, Amy Frost, to talk about how she had started to build her business on her terms. She was already smashing it, and since then she’s become even closer to achieving Gold!

So, we caught up with her again to find out her secrets to success and how becoming a Travel Counsellor has transformed her life.

Scaling her business

Explaining how she quickly grew her business, Amy said: “It was down to a mixture of reaching out to my personal network, taking over accounts from previous Travel Counsellors, and being passed new clients that have been won by the Business Development Managers at head office. The BDMs were very quick to get new clients for me when I asked for extra business, which was great."

Making the most of head office support

Amy has really valued the help of our ILM-qualified business coaches, who ‘have always been on hand to answer any questions’. She added: “The head office colleagues in general are a great support – everyone is so helpful, which is exactly what you need when you’re running your business on your own."

How TC has transformed her life

Describing becoming a Travel Counsellor as ‘the best decision she’s ever made’, Amy is keen to express just how much Travel Counsellors has changed her life for the better. “Where do I start? I feel calmer, less stressed and more balanced”, Amy said. She added: “I really value that I have a better work-life balance, along with all the support I receive and the fact that I am in complete control of my business."

Being part of our caring community

“What I really like about the TC community is that you can be involved as little or as much as you want – it’s completely up to you. However, you always feel like there’s someone there whenever you need a helping hand.”

Achieving Gold

Amy has recently hit Gold, and it’s something she’s incredibly proud of. She said: “It feels brilliant to have got there in my first year – I’m really proud of myself. My aim is to make Gold every single year, and I’d like to achieve it quicker and quicker each time. I plan to continuously grow my business, and hopefully that will enable me to achieve my goals."

So, why would Amy recommend Travel Counsellors to those with a background in corporate travel?

“The earning potential is uncapped and everything is up to you – you choose how much you put in to get what you want from your business. You’re in complete control and you also have the added bonus of all the extra support. It’s a win-win and it’s changed my life for absolutely nothing but the better."

What is Gold?

Our ‘Gold’ status is awarded to Travel Counsellors who have reached certain Gold targets and milestones set each year to motivate and push those who want to take their business to the next level.

Every Travel Counsellor has the opportunity to become a Gold Travel Counsellor, and with our qualified Business Coaches and dedicated workshops, everyone in the community has the support they need to get there. Better still, Gold Travel Counsellors are given the opportunity to attend a luxury weekend away each year.

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